Financial Supporters

Thank you to our financial supporters

Thank you so much for believing in Goodwill's mission to transform lives one job at a time. Our work is only possible with your generosity.

The donors listed below reflect gifts made between June 25, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

+ Indicates Honor Roll members

Empowerment Fund Members

Fariba Alamdari

Gina Hall

Wendy Alexander

Amy Hanson

Gina Anable

Jacquelyn Howard

Taryn Anderson

Cyndra Jones

Jennifer Anderson

Kristin Kennell 

Molly Bostic

Linda Marzano 

Frances Carr

Heather McCulloch

Preeyel Dalal 

George Harrison and Charlotte Pier

Patricia Doyle

Anne Repass

Roberta Doyle

James and Lisa Rice

Faith Gant

Kate Strobl-Missall

Catherine Gibson 

Sally Wolf

Legacy Circle Members

Mark Benton 

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas 

Charles Chadwick 

Ronald Kuhl 

Ruth Darnell 

Candy Lee and Rocke Koreis 

Reah DePriest and Keith Clark 

Cora Lewis 

Joseph B. Diehl 

Catherine and Barry McConnell 

The Estate of Elvan Donald Teel 

Scott Missall and Kathryn Strobl-Missall 

Estate of Ralph E. Bruno 

Eileen Pratt 

James and Marlene Fletcher 

Larry Rand 

Gregory Gerhard 

Lauriann and Norton Reynolds 

Catherine Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky 

Robert B. McMillen Foundation 

Elizabeth Gray and Neal Traven 

Welman Family Fund 

Hanne and Edward Gwilym 

Margaret Wilhyde 

Libby Johnson McKee and Jonathan McKee 


Leadership Donors

Corporations and Foundations
(Gifts of $1,000 and above)

411 Westlake LLC 


Alaska Airlines 

Market Supply & Distribution, Inc. 


Martin Smith, Inc. 

Amazon Smile 



MidCo Material Handling 

Bank of America 


Bank of America Foundation 

MMS Giving Foundation 

Bessemer Trust 



Ogden Murphy Wallace P.L.L.C. 

Buffalo Export LLC 

PayPal Giving Fund 

Capital One 

Port of Seattle 

Center for Children & Youth Justice 

Providence Mount Saint Vincent 

City of Seattle, Dept of Information Technology 

QBSI, A Xerox Company 

City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development 

Resilience Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation

City of Seattle, Department of Education and Early Learning 

Seattle Colleges 

Columbia Bank 

Seattle Foundation 

Comcast NBCUniversal 

Snohomish County Public Works 

Community Foundation of Snohomish County 

Starbucks Coffee Company 

Complete Office 

Swire Coca-Cola 

Copacino + Fujikado 


Davis Wright Tremaine LLP 

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions

Department of Social & Health Services - Region 4 

Umpqua Bank 

Evolve Partner Group 

United Way of Snohomish County 

Foster Foundation 

United Way of Whatcom County 


UPS Mail Innovations 

Grand + Benedicts 

Urban Visions 

Haddad International 

USI Insurance Services

Hanson Consulting Group 

Vijya & Associates/Madison Avenue Realty, LLC 

Happy Hauler LLC 

Vulcan Inc. 

Harvest Foundation 

Wallace Properties 

HomeStreet Bank

Washington Alarm

Integra Supply 

Washington Maritime Blue 

Interstate Restoration 

WCP Solutions 

Jackson | Main Architecture

Wells Fargo 

King County Adult & Juvenile Detention 

Whatcom Community Foundation 

King County Department of Community and Human Services 

Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County 


YMCA of Snohomish County 

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(Gifts of $1,000 and above)

Michael and Jessica Aguero 

Eide Family Trust 

James and Megan Kirby 

Amelia Ransom 

Ann Albertson+

The Estate of Elvan Donald Teel 

Robert Kroese and Christina Cramer 

Anne Repass 

Chap and Eve Alvord 

Mark and Susan Esteb 

Daniel Lafond 

James and Lisa Rice 

Sherry Anderson 

Dave and Stephanie Farrell 

Wayne and Teresa Lau 

Tom and Nora Rogers 

Erik Arnold and Tracy Fletcher

Steven and Laura Finnegan 

Mary Lebsack 

Karen Sakuma and Gary Ikeda 

Harriet and Jon Bakken 

Albert Foster 

Greg and Teri LeClair 

Kerri Schroeder and Ken Jambor 

Beezer-Kudla Fund 

Jeff and Jana Foushée 

Lovsted Family Charitable Foundation 

Ryan Smith 

Robert Best and Jill Lowe 

Joel and Andra Freet 

Liz Lowe 

H. Martin and Patricia Smith 

Biller Family Foundation 

Randy Gantenbein and Ernest Vigil 

LRCA Peterson Family Foundation 

Broderick and Holly Smith 

Bishop Fleet Foundation 

Carmen Gayton 

Wayne and Glenda Lugg 

Derieontay and Mollie Sparks 

Molly Bostic 

Gibson Family Foundation 

Diem Ly 

Edmund and Laura Spayd 

Kristi Branch 

Catherine Gibson and Aleksei Krasnokutsky 

Kristen Magnuson-DeCozio 

Todd and Karla Sproul 

Reggie Brown 

Bert Gregory 

Martin Family Foundation 

Karen and Addison Stone 

Aaron and Melissa Cahoon 

Don Gulden 

Catherine and Barry McConnell 

TEW Foundation 

Daryl Campbell and Janel Johnson 

Gina and Larry Hall 

Heather McCulloch 

Lea Tiernan 

Tyler and Marie Carr 

Rich and Reggie Hammond 

Tammy McKenzie 

Pamela Tonglao and Erik Johnson 

Robby and Caiti Carver 

Amy and Pete Hanson 

Vicky McMillan 

Karen Trilevsky 

The Casey Family

Marc Harper 

Roger Mercer 

Peter and Jacqueline True 

Sylvia Cavazos 

George Harrison and Charlotte Pier 

Scott Missall and Kathryn Strobl-Missall 

Tudor Foundation 

Jennifer Chung and Benjamin Baumann 

Matt and Kyla Hoesley 

Eric Moe and Patricia Murphy 

Phyllis Turner Brim 

Delena Coby 

Doug and Deb Homola 

Sandra Moss 

Sarita Viramontez and Kenneth Rosman 

Judith Cochran 

Julie Howe and Dennis Shaw 

Tim and Karole Myers 

Laura and Michael Walton 

Ken Colling 

William and Julia Ingram 

Brianne and Richard Nevill 

Welman Family Fund 

Patricia Coulter+

Libby Johnson McKee and Jonathan McKee 

Mai Nguyen and Lester Tran 

Derryl Willis 

Preeyel Dalal and Daniel Kaplan 

Eric and Monique Johnson 

Maria Papaleo 

Scott and Shirley Wilson 

Jay Decker and Joan Suver 

Jary and Jay Johnson 

Vijya Patel and Scott Block 

Shannon Woodman and Darren Habel 

Reah DePriest and Keith Clark 

Kelten Johnson 

Donna Patterson+

Jenifer Wright 

Richard Derham 

Allen and Jane Johnson 

Tadd and Caroline Perkins 

Risa Yuki 

Shaunna and Tim Duffy 

Cyndra Jones 

Peter Dull and Judith Tsui Charitable Family Fund 

Katrina Zamets 

Peter Dull 

Rick Jones 

Peter H. Paulsen Foundation 

John Zunick and Mary Jo Gillis 

Suzanne and Steve Ebling 

Stephen Jones

Janine Pritt 


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Corporate, Foundation and Individual Donors

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David Pantley

Kenneth Aaron

David Haas

Jim and Jenna Paoletti

James and Mary Abernethy

Stanley and Berthe Habib

Leah Papernick

Sue Abts

Salone Habibuddin

Victor Para Luckert

Lynn and William Adams

Maddy Hagen

Jeeun Park

Sastry and Lalita Addanki

Jinna Hagerty

Lynn Parsley

Mahad Adem

Melissa Haigh

Nancy Pasternak

Sparsh Agarwal

Joshua Haley

William and Carolyn Patterson

Susan Ahern

Halfon Candy Company

Debra Patterson

Regina Aiello

James and Shirlee Hall

Kristen Patton and Errett Story

Komi Aki

Richard and Susan Hall

William Pauley

Philip and Svetlana Alcantara

Larry Hamilton

Shelly Paulson

David and Judith Alfred

Joan Hansen

Anna Pavlik

Brian Allen and Pamela Allen-Bowles

Rebecca Hansen

Helen Payton

Edward and Bonnie Alm

Karen Hansen

Debra Pearson

Carmen Almodovar

John Hanson

Matthew Peel

Ruby Amegah

Jo Hanson

Cindy Peep and Maria Green

Richard and Marilee Amendola

Sigurd and Kay Harbak

Vic Peirsol and Carolyn Peirson

Daniel Amine

Toby and Melissa Hardman

Nena Peltin

Gina Anable

John and Maureen Harley

Caroline Pelz Elbow and Peter Elbow

Suzanne Anderson

Malcolm Harnois

Gregg and Shelley Percich

Taryn and Loren Anderson

Evelyn Haroldson

Dimitri Perera and Mylan Vu

Breck and Gretchen Anderson

Wendy Harper

Beverly Perkins

Jenelle Anderson

Phyllis Harper

Linda Perkins

Chace Anderson

Carol Harris

Deborah Perluss and Mark Diamond

Ruth Anderson

Stan and Linda Harris

Dan Perry

James Anderson

Catherine Harris

Francis Peters

Stephen and Bonnie Anderson

Amy Harris

Todd and Pam Peters

Kitty Andert

Karinda Harris

Cynthia and Dale Petersen

Jessica Andrewartha+

Katherine Harris

Joel Petersen

John Andrewartha

Michael Hart

Joan and R. Kim Peterson

Mubin Ansari

Robert Hart

Peter and Sam Peterson

Eileen Aparis

Lily and Matt Hart

Caroline and Leroy Peterson

Ernesto Apellanes

Ingrid and Brad Hartsock

Christopher Peterson

James Appleman

Bradley Hartsock

Micheline Petite

Alyce and Gerald Arai

Carol Hartung

Dante Petruzzelli

Nerissa Arazas

Eddie and Marguerite Hasson

Rolf and Georgine Pettersen

Rebecca Arbeene and Roshan Gurusinghe

Norma Hastings

Janamarie Peyton

Erin Arguelles

Tiffany Hatch and Christian Ellerbee

Samai Phara

Manuel Arias

Dan and Niki Haukap

Kim Philip

Michael Arnaldo

Thomas Hauser

Joanna Pickup and Sean Howe

Jim Arnesen

Christine Hawkins and Matt Gregory

Candice Pinder

Erik Arnold and Tracy Fletcher

Sharrad and Lauren Hayes

Nancy Pitarys

Gemma Aronchick

Dessie Hayes

Stacy Plews

Evelyn Arrigoni

Sue Hays

Carrie Pokrefke

Rachel Arteaga

Irene Hecht

Adam Polinski

Janet Arthur

Robert Heeren

James Polus

Nelson Arthur

Christine Heiker

Koon-Yui Poon

Teriza Asegidom

Paul Heine

Chester and Patricia Potuzak

Robert and Clodagh Ash

Elsie Heinrick

Robert Powell

Connie and William Ashe

Evelyn Hell

Cathy Powell

Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Peter Hendrickson and Nancy Temkin

Marliss Prasse

Nathan Atkins

Terrill and Jennifer Hendrickson

Sandra Presser

Jessica Atkinson

Curt Henniger

Virginia Prestegaard

Bonnie Atkisson

David and Patricia Henwood

Mukta Pritwani

Gary Ausman

Kathleen Herald

Tera Probst

Daniel and Sandy Austin

Jean and Robert Herod

Katerina Prochaska and Conner Sandstrom

Amy Austin

Lynette Herr

Patricia Prophet

Dawn Austrom

Henry and Jenifer Herrmann

Julia Prudhomme

Chaunise Avanessian

Sarah Herschler

Robert Purfeerst

David and Charlotte Avolio

Margaret and Philip Herter+

Macy Puz-Fazio and Luke Spencer

Robert Aye+

Patrick Heryford

Eileen Pyka


Kelly Herzberg


Colleen Babcock

Sara Hiemstra

Barbara Questad

Akira Babe

George Higby

Jennifer and Rod Quevedo

Bruce Bagamery

Ali Higgs

Marissa Quimby

Rizza Bagan

Renie Hill

Dianne Quimby

Haimo Bai+

Judith Hill

Nicole Quinones

Sherrill and Larry Baker

Deborah Hilsman

Maria Qureshi-Hainsworth

Pam and Thomas Baker

Jaqueline Hintze


Emilie Baker

Michiko and Hajime Hirata

Caroll Raczkowski+

Sylvia Baker

Alyssa Hislop

Raymond Radke

Alice Balder

John Hittman

Rainier Club

Floyd Baldwin

Kathy Ho

Andrea Ramirez

John Barene

Wai Ho

Christine Ramolet

Shannon Barnes

William Hockett

Lance Randall

Gary Barnett

Kimberly Hoctor

Jeff and Kerry Randall

Molly Barrett

Sandra Hodge

John Rankin and Denise Mouroux

Carla Barrick

Evelyn Hodge

Amara Rashid

Bertha Barriga

Linda Hoel

Patricia Rasmussen

Mark and Nicole Baughman

Chuck Hoeschen

Thomas Ray

Yvonne Bayles

Diana Holland

Dennis and Rosie Rayborn

James Beasley and Carla Becker

Anthony Holland

Sasha Rayburn

Rebecca Beauchamp

Kathleen Holmes

Miles Raymond

Megan Becker

A.M. Holmstrom

Raymond James

Megan Becker

Sara and Mark Holtzinger

Troy and Gina Rector

Richard Beecher

Stacy Honda

Carmen Redd

Maureen Bell

Joseph Hopkins

Glenn Redfield

Susan Beller

Brooks Hopp

Christopher Reed

Charlotte Bell-Younger and Leon Younger Jr.

Nancy Horishige

Melissa Reetz

Lee and Asia Alderson Bennett

Akira and Lillian Horita

James Reid

Carl and Cindy Benson

James and Helen Horrigan

Katrina Renick

Lynn and Robert Bergelin

Carol and Glenn Horton+

Edward and Lucinda Reuter

Bergen County's United Way

Keith and Patricia Horton

Mary Reyes Sosa

Julie Bergmans

Chona Horton

Christopher and Connie Rezendes

Elizabeth Berman

Vanessa Hostetter

Scott Rice and Steven Lane

Walter Berman

Jim and Susan House

Marcia Richards

Gary Bernard

Janet Hovland

Janet Richardson

Carmen and Larry Best

Barbara Howell

Jane Richlovsky and Steve Coulter

Akshay Bhardwaj and Devika Rao

Julia Hu

Esther and Ivan Richmond

Brett and Cathi Bibby

Alan Hua

Beverly and Larry Ricker

Marianne Bichsel and Wiley Brooks

Job Huang

Thomas and Virginia Riedinger

Conor Bickel

Julie Huard

Regina Riley+

Luke and Michelle Bienfang

Susan Huber

Rudy Rillera

Linda Bierds

Wanda Hughes

Michael and Maureen Rimkus

Tami Bigelow

Gregory and Linda Hughes

Elinor Ringland

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Patrick and Marti Hughes

Steven and Carol Ringold

Cristin Bissonnette

Chris Hughes

Judy Robare

William and Billie Bitnes

Steve and Trish Hughes

Kirk Robbins

Allan Blackman

Ed and Myrna Hume

William Roberds

Sergey Blagodurov

Andrew Hunt

Matthew Roberts and Wady Milner+

Robert and Connie Blair

Daniel Hunt

Marilyn Roberts

Ned and Julia Block

Judy Hunt

Shelley Roberts

Carolyn Blount

Eric Hunter

Beverley Roberts

Karen Boctor

Graham Hunter

Nora Robertson

Sandy Boeskov

Larry Hurlbert

Sherri Robertson

Billie Bohannon

Yola Miryam Hurwitz

William and Karen Robins

Sheryl Bolin

Hendri and Joan Husby

Scott and Sylvia Robinson

Sarah Bolla

Syed Hussain

Nicholas and Jennifer Robinson

Jeffrey Bollentin

Bao Huynh

Ross and Christie Robinson

Theodore Bolliger


Terence Roche

Lev Bolotin

Miyoko and Joe Ike

David and Sharon Roe

Jana Bolotin

John Iki

Kyung Roh

David Bonk

Investigative Sciences

Charles Rohrer

Warren and Carolyn Booth

Shirley Isaacson

Tamra Roloff

Glorianne and Alexander Bora

Giovana Ishiguro

Fabian Romero

Karla Born

Eric Ishino and Ron Shiley

Jim and Ginny Roodhouse

Patricia Borth

John Ittes+

John Roper

Richard Botts

Marli and John Iverson

Keith Rose

Dylan Boulanger

Wendy Iwaszuk

Allen and Susan Rosenberg

Katherine Boury


Aaron and Jane Rosenstein

Lee Anne Bowie

Arthur and Sue Jackson

Scott and Kim Rosenstock

Carolyn Bowman

Timothy Jackson

Elizabeth Rosenthal

Patricia Boyd

Nicole Jackson

Claire and Oliver Rothschild

Chrystyne Braaten

Tenica Jackson

Tamara Rothschiller

Steven Bradburn

Matt Jackson and Tatiana Aguilar Quintero

Marissa Rousselle

David Bradley

Evan Jackson

Dorali Rueda

Pernilla Bradley

Janet Jacobs

Linda and Tom Ruggles

Jerre Bradt

Ronald Janiszewski

Rebecca Rupp

Karyn and Gary Brady

Anne Jannetti and David Strong

Ingrid Russell-Narcisse

Marian Brammer

Liza Javier

Marie Rutherford

Susan Brandley

Norman Jenkins

Joan Rwamashongye

Neil Branham

Daniel Jennings and Mary Beyers

Patricia Ryan and Lawrence Brown

William Brant

Richard and Jonna Jensen

Karen Ryan

Joan Brashem

Rod Jex


Emily Bratkiewicz

Maria Christina Joaquin

Shellie and Ali Sadr

Mary and Ronald Braun

Jonelle Johnson

Caety Sagoian

Sue Bravard

Larry and Lani Johnson

Michele Sakaguchi

Rebecca Brebner

Kenneth Johnson

Chukundi and Michelle Salisbury

Karinne Breidenbach

Victoria Johnson

Georgiann Sampson

Kent Breidenstein

Shirley Johnson

Rosa and James Samsell

Kathleen Breslin

Mark Johnson

Howard and Shannon Sand

Joseph Bringman

Trevor Johnson

Kari and Jeff Sand

Robert Brown

Richard Johnson

Richard and Eleanor Sander

Keely Brown

Claire Johnston

Elizabeth and Charles Sander

Amy Brown

Edward Johnstone

Curt and Elise Sandstrom

Christopher Brown

James Joki

Richard and Frances Sanford

Ronald and Sharon Brown

Edward and Kathleen Jones

Cynthia Santana

Linda Bruce

Roy and Vickie Jones

Maximo and Editha Santos

Michael Brunet

Margo Jones

Alice Jo and Wally Saubert

Diane Brunette

Janaika Jones

Stephen Saunders

Michael Brunner

David Jones

Craig Savage

Kathy and Bruce Bryant

Tara Jones

Jane Savard

John and Barbara Bryce

Jones Service Inc.

Alda Scebbi

Paul Brynes

Jim and Roxie Jordan

Lisa Schaures

Jan Buchanan

Sherry Joseph

Herbert Scheda

Margaret Buckholdt

Brian Joyce

Susan Schloredt

Melinda Buckley

Israel and Darcy Juarez

Alison Schmidt

Darlene Buckley and Amir Manouchehrian

Jean and Fred Jue

James Schneider

Evan and Carolyn Buehl

Michael Jurich and Rolando Valdepeñas

Howard Schoch

Dominic Bulygo


Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation

Jean Burch Falls

Linda Juwvipart

Marguerite Schroeder

Nancy Burnett


Julie Schroeder

Joyce Burns

Claire Kafer

Mary-Catherine Schugel

Robert Burr and Nancy Johnson Burr

Jeannette Kahlenberg

Anne and Clarence Schulte

Roslyn Burroughs

Manami Kano

Gloria Schulz

Wanda Busby

Christ Kantzavelos

Lance Schwartz

Evelyn and Randy Bushman

Mary Karabaich

Robin Scott

Gretchen Bussman

Rachel Karlin

Loretta Scott

Brian Butman

Paul Kassen

David Scott


Michael Katagiri

Brian Screnar

Hugo Cabrera

Florence Katz Burstein and Paul Burstein

Karen Seagle

Angel and Ruben Cainglet

Tony Kavalok

Seattle Jobs Initiative

Rita Calabro

Ai Kawahigashi

Net Seblega

Andrew Calvin

Gertrude Kazen

Jack Seeley

Brian Campau

Dan and Colleen and Colleen Kearin

Thomas and Janet Seery

Tyson and Erin Campbell

Kevin and Julie Keeffe

Russ Segawa

Patricia Campbell

Elaine Keehn

Piper Selmon

Margaret and John Canepa

Marcie Kellegrew

Michael Sernoff

Stella Capili

Robert Kellett

Daniel Serverin

Capital Group

Maggie Kellogg

Dolores Sessler

Emma Caraher

Mary Kelsay

Danielle Sewell

Clanche Carandang

Iraj Khalili

Joy Shafer

Daniel Carey

Simran Khalsa

Xiaohu Shangguan

James Carlin

Anna Khan

Michael Shannon

Amy Carlson and Kalman Brauner

Gunnar Kidrjavets

Paul Sharma

Maria Carney

Jeanne Kieffer

Chris Sharpe

Britta Carns

Paul and Betty-Jo Kij

Donna Shattuck

Frances Carr

Mike and Terri Killeen

Carole Shaw

Lind Carr and Leslie Kastelle

Susie Kim

Joanne Shaw

Carla and Jeremy Carrell

Hyejin Kim

John and Cynthia Shea

William Carroll

Shirley Kindred

Peter and Jane Shen

Glenn Carroll

Cheri and Ben King

Kelly Sheppard

Cars for Charity

John King

Paul Sheppard

Linda Cary

King County Employee Giving Program

Walter Sherblon

James and Mary Cashetta

Matt Kirby

Jangbu Sherpa

Glenda Cassutt

Kitsap Community Foundation

Peggy Shih

June Castagna

Kitsap Community Resources

Ruth Shimano

Perla Castaneda

Leslie and Denise Klaff

Ellen Shipley

Alan and Phyllis Caswell

Wesley and Sandra Klang

Mark Shortt

Marissa and Jonathan Cats

Chau and Paul Klies

James Shotwell

Ken Cederstrand

Kathryn Klosky

Alice Shuler

Rose and Joseph Celano

Adam Knight

Thomas Sibley

Charles and Jean Cerar

Zachary Koback

Pat Sibley

Chong Cha

Robert Koch

Roderick Siders

Maisy Chan

Henriecus Koeman

Ron Siggs

Pearl Chan and Brent Perez

Carly Kokesh

Steven and Elsa Sigler

Calvin Chan

Xiao Kong and Xiaoman Yang

Madison Silva

Rochelle Chantharangsy

Anny Kong

J Ronald Sim

Deborah Charbonneau

Ronnie Kravitz

Roberta Simone

Pearl and Jenn Charkow

Greg Kroleski

Merlin Simpson

Louise and Edward Chase

Terry Krueger

David Simpson

Steven Chase

Megan Kruse and Robert Mucklestone

Terry and Joan Sinclair

Darlene Cheever

Suemin Cindy Ku

Martin and Marilyn Sippy

Jinpei Chen

Christine Kuepfer

David Sizer and Nova Herzog

Hassan Chihab

Cindy Kuiken

Skagit Valley Herald Christmas Fund

Aviva Childress

Donald Kumpula

Peter and Patsinell Skartvedt

Herbert and Monica Chin

Marie Kurose

Roy and Betty Skibo

Madeline Ching

David Kurs

Sam Skillern

Gerard Chinn

Sureyya Kurt

Stephen Skinner

Agnieszka Chodowicz

Jeanne Kussmann

Gary and Cherilyn Skinner

Herleen Choudhary

Steve Kutz and Courtney Womack

Emily Skoraczewski

Ada Choy


Ann Slater

David Christianson

Christopher LaCroix

George Slater

Daniel Chua

Connie Ladue

Amanda Slaughter

Casey Chung

Subir and Lillian Lahiri

Ann Slonecker

Ted Chung

Marsha Lake

Brian Smale

City of Seattle - Combined Charities

Paula Lamas

Greg and Monica Smith

William and Elizabeth Clark

Pablo and Kristine Lambinicio

Joy and Bruce Smith

Jeannine Clarke

Eleanor and Charles Lang

Jenna Smith

Lisa and Keith Clements

Betty Langbehn

Hans and Sarah Smith

Margaret Clements

Toby Langen

Patricia Smith

Roswell Cline

Melinda and Jim Langley

Sharee Smith

Brian Cloward and Jenny Sax

Ava Lani

John and Nancy Jo Smith

Craig Cochrane

Cynthia and David Lantry

Shawn Smith

Ellis and J. Cohen

William and Mary Lou Laprade

Brendon and Rikki Smith

Robert and Nan Cohen

Ethylanne and William Larrimore

Jack Smith

Eve Cohen

Amelia Larry

Kathryn Smith

Jim and Sue Colbeck

Joseph Larsen+

Sally Smith

Steve and Julie Cole

Tammy Larson

John Sobolewski

David and Lisa Cole

Nathaniel Larson

Jane and Roger Soder

Bruce Collins

Scott and Mary Lasley

Rebecca Solomon

Bonnie Colpitts

Kathleen Lavallee+

Lamine Soumaoro

Lisa Colton

Barbara Lavery

Nancy Spaeth+

Communities of Color Coalition

Andrew Lawrence

William Span

Community for Youth

Lisa Layne

Elizabeth Spears

Margaret Comstock

Steven Lazoff

Raymond and Lael Spencer

James and Marilyn Cook

Robert Leach

Paula Spencer

Scott Cook

Penelope Lee

Mary Sperry

Megan Coombes

Arta Lee

Renee Spicer

Edward Coombs

Ray Legault

Sally Spooner

Mary Cooper

Zhengxiang Lei

William and Jenepher Spurr

Linda Copeland

James Leith

Wilbert and Celia Square

Jackie Cottom

Margaret Lemberg

Joseph and M. Kathleen St. Hilaire

Michael and Pamela Courtnage

Fred Lemonis

St. Vincent de Paul

Burgundu Cox

Leon Korol Company

Kirk and Janet Stallman

Meghan Craig

Matthew and Barbara LePage

Myra Stallworth and Troy Dawson

Kelli Crane

Zophie Leslea

Pamela Standal

Alicia Crank

Anthony and Betty L'Esperance

Kathy Stanley

Eric Crawford

David Levenson

Mariya Starichenok

Lawrence Creemer

Gabriel Li

Donald Starr

James Creevey

Jennifer Lidrost

Rachel Stats

Margaret Cressey

Craig Liebendorfer

Dierdre and John Staudt

Robert Crittenden and Libby Sinclair

Kitti and Bill Lile

Virginia Stave

Patricia Crockett and Keith Johnson

Glenda Lin

Mark and J.R. Steeds

Bruce Cross and Karen Kruse

Nancy Lind

Pat and David Stensel

Carey Cross

Frances Lindquist

Autumn Stensen

Dorothy Crossman

Larry Lindsay

Elizabeth Sternik

James Crouse

Steven and Marissa Lindstrom

Roman Stetsyshin

Jennifer Crowder

Richard and Norma Line

Dennis Stettler

Vincente Cruz

Mary Linford

Rebecca Stewart

Delia Cruz

Merwin and Diane Linsley

Roland Stibbe

Deanna and Robert Cruz

Monika Lirio

Kimberly Stillman-Wilson

Alton Cuplin

Trina Litchendorf

Dennis Stogin

Fabrice Cuq

George Liu

Kristian Stokes

Lou Cutler

William and June Livermore

James Stone

John Cvitkovic

Michele Livingston

Tom Stoneham


Elizabeth Locke

Kenneth and Judith Storey

Daniel da Silva and Julie Felgar

Patricia Lofstedt

Robert Story

Rosalie Daggett

Ping and Ming Loh

Stacy Story

Kate and Gary Dahlstedt

James and Elizabeth Lohr

Daniel Stow

Scott Daily

Shawntae Lonergan

Angela Stowell

Barbara Daligcon

Marie and Sarah Long

Amber Straub

Linda Dam

Barbara Longino

John and Nicole Stromberg

Mary Anne and Jerry d'Ambrosio

Jacki Lorenz

Shirley Stubben

Clarence Dancer, Jr.

Ash Louis

Daji Su

Lisa Dankers

Tami Love

Joseph and Gail Sullivan

Rachel Danto

Phillip and Gail Lovell

Sally Sullivan

Margaret Davidson+

Linda and Jason Lowry

Julian Sullivan

Simone Davie

William Lukov

Damon and Icel Sullivan

Curtis Davis

George Lundin

Kathleen Sullivan

Julie Davis

Gratitude Luo+

Mark Sullo

Molly Davis

Sally Luttrell-Montes

Phyllis Summers

Andria Davis

Nichole Lynch

Richard and Lea Sund

Mary De La Grange and Lavonne Payton


Jan Sutphen-Mroz and Steve Mroz

Ronald Dear

Michael Mabrito and Amy Peck

Steven Sutterby

Michael Dederer

Arnold and Donna Mack

Linda Sutton

Anne-Lise Deering and Mike Anna

Jill MacKay

Alixandrea Swanson

Elisa Del Rosario

Clinton Madis

Swedish Medical Center

Peter DeLaat

Sandra Madrid and Toby Gonzales

Thomas Sykes

Erica Delavan

Patty Magnuson

Doris Szabo

Karen Delgado and Kathryn Heily

John and Hanna Mahlum


Maurice Deloy

Ronald Maier

Roland Takami

Deva Demeter

Nichole Maiman Waterman and Christopher Waterman+

Robert Talbot

Denise Louie Education Center

Robert Malinowski and Carolyn Lathrop

Ling Tan

Pearl Dennison

Pavel Malinowski

Michael Tanagi

Barbara Deschamps-Walters and John Walters

Joe Mallahan

Minas and Sonia Tanielian

Debra Devlieger and Edward Berschinski

Richard and Eleanor Mallchok

Rashelle Tanner

Julian and Alice Dewell

Ralph and Lee Anne Malott

Technical Visits International

Ganapathy Dhachinamoorthy

Tonette Mamallo

Samuel Teitzel

Jessica Dial

Jocelyn Mamchur

Alicia and John Tembreull

Idalice Dickinson

Lindsey and Adam Mangone

Jonathan Tengbeh

Joe and Sue Diehl

George and Leslie Marble

Roland Teodoro

Lisa Dike

Donald Marble

Steven Tholl and Diane Buckshnis

Richard and Brenda Dimond

Mercedes Mariano

Daniel Thomas

Arthur Diquattro+

Eniel Marjani

Elizabeth and Jessica Thomas

Michael Dire

Amanda Marks

Carol Thomas

William Dittman

JeLisa Marshall

Mark and Patricia Thome

Mary Do

Don Martin

Sally Thompson

Gina Do

Mike and Patricia Martin

Jean Thompson

Robert Doell

Lynette Martin

Mary Thompson

Michael Doezie

Nene Martin

William and Donna Thompson

Douglas Dohan

Christopher Martineau

Sylvia Thompson

Patrick Doherty

Imelda Martinez

Madelaine Thompson

Ted and Allison Dolan

Jose and Heather Martinez

Phillip Thoreson

Bernice Dolin

Teresa Martinez-Fiorini and David Fiorini

Alan Thunn

Mary Dombrowski+

Mary Marua

Dean and Anne Tibbott

Lou Domingo

Bryan and Rebecca Maruhashi

James Timidaiski

Marcia Domingo

Jean Mathison

Jennifer and Andrew Ting

Sarann Donegan

Carol Matteson

Martha Tofferi

Lina Dong

Mary Ellen Matthews

Deborah and Thomas Tokarz

Rose Donner

Holly Mattie

Connie Tollefson

Nicola Donovan

Jin Maurice

Marian Tomaszewski and Patricia Maguire

Craig and Jill Dorsey

Donnie Maxwell

Laura Torres

Chris and Christina Dott

Lisa and David Mayfield

Dien Tran and Van Do

Christi Downs

Patrick McAleese and Olivia Vermaak

Renate Trapkowski

James and Louise Doyle

Erika McCann

Nancy Trenbeth and John Carson

Sandra and James Doyle

Kevin and Marty McCarthy

David and Marcia Trepp

Roberta and Mike Doyle

Laura McCormack and Sergey Kolpatchev

Stephen Triesch

Leslie Dozsa

Irene McCoy

Heather Trim and Lawrence Jacobson

John and Evelyn Drexel

Kelly McCoy

JoAnn Tsui-Potter

Karen and Edward Dreyer

Patrick McCullough

Rashieda Tucker

Gabrielle Dryden+

Susan McDaniel

Diane and Robert Turnbull

Robert and Merline D'Souza

Peggy McDonald

Kate Tylee Herz and Matt Herz

Ken and Donna Dueker

Ann McDonald


Wick and Sheila Dufford

Debbie McDonald

Victoria Upchurch

Donna and Rob Dughi

Kim McDowell

James Updegraff

Lois Dunagan

Laurie McEachern

Barbara Urbach

Brie Duncan

Karen McElliott

Mike and Dorothy Urban

Margaret Dunnington

Carolyn McGhee


Bethany Dutton

Marcus McGlathery+

Wanda Valdez

Hazel Dwoskin

Kathy McGonigle and David Rawlings

Karin Valenzona

Denise Dyette

Dona and Bruce McGowan

Erick Valiente

Regina Dylan

Sarah McKechnie

Brian and Debbie van Blommenstein

Daniel Dymarkowski

Laura McKee

Peggy and Fred Van Ieperen


Drew McKeen

James and Mary Van Noy

Oceania Eagan

Virginia McKenzie

Mark Van Wormer and Loretta Peckol

Toni and Bart Eaton

Kerry McMahon

David Vandegrift

Jeff and Zart Eby

Frank McMurry

Elizabeth Vander Pol

Marilyn Eck

Dave and Margie Medd

Carl Vanpoucke

Irene Edie

Jennifer Meissner

Jeetendra Vatwani

Tino Edward

Christopher and Michele Meith

Shirley Vaughn

Steven Edwards

Luis Mejia

Lanen Vaughn

Michael Edwards and Wendi Russac

Tazeb Mekonnen

Dominic Vautier

Tom Edwards and Zimmie Caner

Tom Melendez

Del Velenchenko

Gordon Egbert

Ivania Mendoza

Richard Verrall

Eileen Eininger

Frank Mercker

Wei Vheng

Donald C. Eklund

Andrew and Lucille Merget

Michelle Vierra and Adam Golbienko

Rangasamy and Sudha Elangovan

Kenneth Merideth

Vanessa Viloria

Katherine Elias

Samantha Merkulov

Gary Vogelsberger

Diane Elliott

Kari Merner

Alexander Volker

Monika Elmont

Kathleen and Theodore Merrill

Katherine Voorheis

Thomas and Patricia Elsasser

Michelle Merriweather

Michael Voris

Barbara Endicott+

David Mesenbring

Daniel Voss

Rob Engel

Lawrence Messenger

Kim Vu

Janet A. Englund

Cheryl and Michael Metcalf


Clair Enlow

Chris and Laura Meyer

Julie Wade and Tom Phillips

Joseph Ermenc

John Meyer

Abigail Wade

Kaitlin Esary

Yohannes Micael

Aidan Wade

Jaymelina Esmele

Microsoft Alumni Network

Wendy Walker+

Gariel Esters

Coleen and James Middleton

Annie and Ernest Walker

John and Kathryn Evans

Rob Mikelsons

Sue and Todd Walker

Patricia Evans

Gerard Miles

Danyell Walker

Alisha Evans-Goldie

Robert Miles

Walkinshaw Family Fund

William and Sandra Evenson

Jason Miles

Alison Wallace

John Everett

Steve Millard+

Nathaniel Wallace

India Everett

Miriam Miller+

Carly Walsh

Everett Community College Foundation

Heidi Miller

Christine Walsh Rogers


Dennis Min

Mee Foong Wam

Stephen Fairweather

Mohsen Mirnateghi

Chu and Bette Wang

John Fandel

Lisa Mirth

Keith Wang

Kassahun Faris

Theodore Misselwitz

Brien and Bonnie Ward

Raven Farr

Joyce Mitchell

Ella Ward

Tenney Farragher

Charlene Mizenko

Ken Ward

James Farrell

Barbara Monsey

Veronica Ward

S. Fatemi

Maurice and Johnanne Montag

John Wardell

Ingrid and Darren Feider

Cindy and Harry Moore+

Virginia Warfield and Roscius Doan

Michael Feldman

Aaron Morales and Holly Gardner

John Waring

Fred Felleman

Eleazar Morales

Ellen Warren

Roger and Patricia Felton

Sandy Morgan

Paul Wastmattelman

Mariluz Fernandez

Julie Morgan

Laura and Rich Watts

George Ferrini

Melissa Morgan

Mary Weatherley

Kathleen Fichera

Hannah Morgan

Mary Webb

Gerald Fickes

Amy Morgan

Debbie Webber

Dorothy Fields and Shelley Mickelson

Morgan Stanley

May Webster

John and Beverly Fisher

Leslie Morishita

Reitha Weeks

Lucas Fisher

Robert and Ruby Mortell

Glen Weigelt

Anthony Fisher

Joel Mulder

Rebecca Welch

Paula Fitzgerald Boos and Wally Boos

Robert and Maureen Mullen

Lucas Welch

Heather Fitzpatrick

Marla Mullen

Mark Wener and Corinne Fligner

Fred Flanzer

Trisha and Eric Muller

Claude Wetzel and Lorna Marshall

James and Marlene Fletcher

Claire Muller

Jerry and Caroline Whalen

Shannon Flynn

Daniel and Kathleen Mullin

Gerald Wheeler

Tracy Fontaine

Lori Mullins

Janet and Vivian Wheeler

Cindi Forslund

Edgar Munoz

Nadine and Daniel Whelan

Denise Fort

Heidi Munson+

Jennifer Whitaker

Karen Fortier

William and Mary Murdock

Rhon White and Brigit Benson

Marlene and David Foster

Lorraine Murray

Richard White

Walter and Gail Foster

Craig Murray

Alisha White

Jennifer Foster

Carol Murray

Marimar White-Espin

Charlie Foushée and Mikal Foushee

Vincent Murray

Susan White-Veninga

Anet Fox

Richard Muzzi

David and Rose Whitfield

Mary Francis

Lenard Mwaba

James and Bonnie Wickes

Robert Franco

Miller Myers

Agnes Wicknick

John Frank

Joanne and Clark Myers

Kurt Wieland

Lenora Frankfurter

Constance Myhre

Janice and Allen Wiesen

Donn Franklin


Gail P Wiesner

Richard Franko and Stephanie Bower

Chan Na

Elizabeth Wilcox

Linda and Walter Fredell

B.g. Nabors-Glass

Jeff Wilcox

Brent and Kim Frerichs

Kiwa Nadas

John and Leslie Williams

Charles Friedel

Danielle Naeseth

Jill and Richard Williams

Ann and Donald Frothingham

Richard and Barbara Nagaoka

Sarah Williams

Helen Frye

Robin Nakashima

Madeleine Williams

Meg and Larry Fuell

Sarah Nako

Charles Williams

Joy Fujihira

Rodney Namba

Hart Williams

Aiko Fujii

Kyle Nark

Carol Williams

Betti Fujikado

Claire Nassutti

Karen Williams

Margaret and Neal Futran

Robert Neary and Karen Wood

Kathy Williams

Anne Futterman

Lee and John Neff

Sherry Williams


Stanley and Sandra Nelson

Frances and Huldah Williams

Robin and Marlin Gabbert

Marian and Kirby Nelson

Brian and Lisa Williamson

Mary Ellen Gabrielson

Judy Nelson

R. Stuart Williamson

Patricia Gale

Kajsa Nelson

Morton and Dolores Willits

Alana Gallagher

Thomas Nesko

Douglas and Dianne Wills

Nancy Garcia

Amy Neumann

Richard and Mary Willy

Karen Garda

Reis Newburn

Lynn Marie Wilson

William Garman

Dwight Newman

Roxie Wilson

Wilma Garrett

St. Elmo Newton

John Winberg

Tim Gasser

Assunta Ng and George Liu

Marci Wing and Jeffrey Robbins

Simone Gates-Wiggins

Ngoc Van Nguyen

Roger and Carolyn Winiecki

Deidre Gauff

Theresa Nguyen

Julie Winieski

Jonathan Gaylor

Chau Nguyen

Maiko Winkler-Chin

Jennifer Gee

Bao Nguyen

Alan and Ilene Winkley

Angela Gee

Donald Nibouar

Jack and Nancy Wires

Stacy Gehman

Antoinette Nicholas

Michelle Wisener

Arlene Geist

Girdhari Nihalani

Jeffrey Wisterman

Daniel Geldof

Nintendo of America, Inc.

Lisa Wojtech

Joseph Genster and Alisa Luber

James Nixon

Beverly and Erik Wold

Patricia Gentile

Lisa Nobis

Scott and Fiona Wolf

Theodora Geokezas

Lois North

Peter Wolf and Marilyn Ferguson-Wolf

Lane Gerber

Alvin Novack

Carol and John Wolf

Molly Gerhard

Milan and Hannah Novakovic

Eric Wolinetz

Amanda and David Gericke

Marilyn Nowogroski

Marie Wollam-Mergler and Jeffrey Mergler

Robert L. Gerth

Gery and Laurie Nunnelee

Lai Sang Wong

Bookda Gheisar

Sharon Nye

Lai Kwan Wong

Charles and Barbara Gholz

Mary Nysether

Jason Wong

Scott and Vickie Gibbs


Carol Wood

Eleanore Gibson

Timothy O`Connell

Betty Wood

Julie Gienger

Elaine O`Leary

Ashley Woodruff

Martha and George Giffen

Suzann Oakes

William Woods

Natalie Giles

Heidi and Kevin Ob'bayi

Bonnie Worthington-Roberts

Rita Gill

Mary Obrien

Christine Woskett

Mindo Gill

Hope Obrien

Janet Wright

Mindy Gillcrist

Stephen O'Brien

Kathleen and Steve Wright

George Gillespie

Irene O'Callaghan

Lisa Wu

Phillip Gladfelter

Michael O'Connell

Beatrice Wyatte

Eleanor Glass

Manuel and Belinda Octavo

Stephen Wyse

Jeffrey and Miyako Gledhill

Judith Oerkvitz


George Gonzalez

Heidi Oien and Daniel Goddard


Richard and Carol Goodall

Emiko Okada

Huimin Yan

Nathan Goodman

Martin Oldfield

Susan Yang

Alan and Susan Gordon

Eileen and John Olinger

Sharon Yang

Therese Govern

Patrick Olney

Lee and Barbara Yates

Stacie Gowdy

Wayne Olsen

Kim Yee

Jackie Grassie

Lisa Olund

Sharon and William Yenter

Anne Gray

Katie O'Mara

Gabriel Yeung

Laurie Gray

Kathryn O'Mara

Elisa Yip

Linda Gray

Stephanie O'Neill

Winifred Yoki

Suzanne Greathouse

Kristina Ong

Edwin Yoneoka

Alison Green

Michael O'Reilly

Ann Yoo

Betty Greenaway

Evelyn Orencillo

Byung Yoo

Roger and Debra Greene

Gordon Orians

Arthur Yorozu

Sue Greenfeld

Betsy Ormond

Jeff and Asha Youmans

Sean and Ilana Greenlee

Estela Ortega

James and Gail Young

John Greenshields

Margaret Osborne

Jacob Young

Mike Greer

Sara Osborne and Mat Korn

Judy Yu

Roberta Greer

Craig Osbun

Marian Yunghans

Jonette Gregory

Richard O'Shea


Basil and Verena Grieco

Sebastian O'Shea Campbell-Cooper

Joseph Zagrean

William and Sharon Griffiths

Kevin and Sara Oshikawa-Clay

Ellen Zambrowsky-Huls

Alyssa and Michael Grigg

Allen Ossenkop

James Zeller

Carlos Grimmett and Laverne Thompson

Pauline Osterloh+

Ingrid Zhang

Aondra Gross

Kaye and Dennis Ostgard

Ling Zheng

Zhong Guan

Richard and Peggy Ostrander

Vera and W. Jerome Zimmerman

Steven Guanlao

Dasha Ottesen

Janet Zimmermann

Barbara Guerrero


Monica Zunick

Cheryl Gunderson

Andrianna Panebianco

Christiane Zweifler

Sovan Gusack

Liisa Pangborn


Louise and Richard Guthrie

Robert Pankl


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