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Ellena's Story

October 6, 2015

Posted in: Donate, Job Training & Education, and Student Stories

Ellena looks to the future with hope. After a tragic drunk driving incident, Ellena hit rock bottom. But her awe-inspiring determination helped her find healing. Then she reached out to Goodwill and, thanks to you, we helped her find independence.

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Comcast Donates Backpacks to Seattle Goodwill

September 20, 2015

Posted in: Back To School, Community, and Job Training & Education

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Student Story: Kanwal A., Demri L, Kristina M., Abigail N.

July 9, 2015

Posted in: Youth Programs, Community, and Job Training & Education

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Carla's Story

July 6, 2015

Posted in: Donate, Job Training & Education, and Student Stories

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Cover Letters: Make a Great First Impression

July 1, 2015

Posted in: Job Seeker Resources

Follow a few simple guidelines to ensure that your coverletter gets noticed.

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Building the Future: Report to the Community

June 1, 2015

Posted in: Community

Thank you, community, for supporting our Building the Future Campaign.

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Annual Report 2014

January 1, 2015

Posted in: Annual Reports

Seattle Goodwill’s programs have developed throughout the years since our founding in 1923. We strive to respond to the needs of a changing community and emerging employment trends while staying true to our mission of helping people find jobs.

In our 2013-2014 fiscal year, we focused on efforts on:

  • Enhancing and expanding job training programs and other services for populations with the most significant barriers to employment.
  • Building further upon the high quality of Goodwill’s job training programs and other offerings.  
  • Growing and strengthening partnerships with businesses, community colleges and other community organizations so that Goodwill can maximize its impact for those who need us most.

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How to Shop Goodwill and Save even more

January 1, 2015

Posted in: Sales & Events and Shop

Learn how our regularly weekly sales work to save even more!

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Tips for Shopping the Glitter Sale

November 7, 2014

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Fashion, Sales & Events, and Shop

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Community Needs Assessment

September 29, 2014

Posted in: Community and Job Training & Education

Seattle Goodwill has invested resources to produce a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) that captures information about the people, jobs, and services in the community.

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