Time for award show parties!

March 2, 2018

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This weekend the 90th Academy Awards take place and it's not too late to throw a great Oscar party with the help of Seattle Goodwill. 

If you’re like us and love an excuse to invite some friends over and throw a party, you’re probably already planning an awards party. With a little help from Goodwill, and a trusty can of gold spray paint, you can take your awards party from a jeans-and-jerseys Super Bowl-esque party (we’ll talk about those later), to silver screen glam—and a whole lot of fun.

Once you’ve selected your perfect red carpet look for your event (check out our Fashion Focus department for those fancier finds)—and decided on the awards show, try these four ideas to add a little Hollywood flare to your party:

You need a shiny microphone. You know, one to make all of the party announcements with. They’re easy to come by in our toy department—and easy to turn from kiddy colors to shiny metallic with a spray paint that is intended for use on plastic. (We like Krylon’s ColorMaster line!)

Hand out awards at your party. Find a handful of trinkets from the knick knacks department in our stores. You can paint them gold, too—and assign them different titles like “Best Outfit” “Cutest Couple” and “Best Party Snack”.

Play award show-related charades. during commercial breaks. If there’s enough people at the party, you can do it in teams, and award winners titles and trophies for “Best Performance” and “Best Supporting Actor/Actress”.

Make some themed snack-serving décor. You can create one like ours by super gluing a record to a heavy-duty wide-based piece of stemware, and spray painting it all gold. It’s seriously simple, and great for any awards party—but *perfect* for the Grammys! (Be sure to spray paint light layers of paint, holding the can about 18 inches away, to allow the grooves on the album to show through.)

We shopped our Ballard store for the items here, and topped our Grammy-worthy cupcake stand with Cupcake Royale’s babycakes (which are also award-worthy)!

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