Cover Letters: Make a Great First Impression

July 1, 2015

Posted in: Job Seeker Resources

Cover letters are vital to a successful job search. The overall design, content, and structure all play an important role in positioning yourself positively with a potential employer.  If written well, it can create increased interest and excitement about your application.

While not required by all applications, cover letters make a great first impression; it’s akin to a post-interview thank you note. Send a thank you note and you’ll be remembered, forgot one, and run the risk of being forgotten.

Here are a few general items to keep in mind while writing:

  • State why you are writing
  • Be concise and accurate
  • Grab the attention of the reader
  • Be mistake-free, clean, and typed neatly
  • Make the reader want to know more about you
  • Make it easy for the reader to take some action
  • Show your knowledge of the company and position
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