Community Needs Assessment

September 29, 2014

Posted in: Community and Job Training & Education

Seattle Goodwill has a mission to change lives through quality, effective employment training and basic education to individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity. As part of that commitment, we have invested resources to produce a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) that captures information about the people, jobs, and services in the community. This assessment has focused on which populations are struggling to be self-sufficient, what education needs remain unmet in the community, and how labor market trends can guide programs.  
Seattle Goodwill’s main objective in producing the CNA report is to ensure that our Job Training and Education programs are best meeting the needs of the region’s diverse low-income communities for a supported path to employment. We hope the report can serve as valuable guide for others as we strive towards an inclusive economy that supports economic self-sufficiency for all.

We invite you to read more about the community needs assessment by downloading the report here (PDF).

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