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July 29, 2017

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Goodwill has some simple tips to help maximize your donations.

The simple act of cleaning out your closets and donating to Goodwill helps us help others with free job training and education programs


While cleaning and donating, use these helpful tips and techniques to help bring the most value to your donations:


  • To keep pairs of shoes together, please tie them together by the laces or rubber band them together. 
  • Rubber band or tape together boxes of games or puzzles.
  • Bag up clothing and linens to separate from other items.
  • Tape remotes to electronic devices.
  • Tape a note to the electronic device indicating if it fully works.
  • Box or bag like items together such as putting all the clothes together or all the dishes together in one container.
  • For fragile items, please wrap them in paper and put them in a box and marked it “fragile.”
  • For furniture that needs assembly put all fasteners in a plastic bag and attach it to the furniture.


To find the nearest donation site, click here.


Store revenues fund Goodwill’s free job training and education programs, which can lead to employment and fresh starts for people without jobs. Goodwill provides career services that anyone can use to improve their chances of getting hired, including assistance in writing a résumé, job interview practice and access to job leads.


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