Glitter Gala Intern Profile: Natalie

October 13, 2017

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“I’ve always been interested in clothing and fashion,” said Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala Intern Natalie Shih, “but when I was younger I never knew how to implement it in a way that was comfortable for me. I had a teacher that asked me what I wanted to do. She suggested I do costume design for film, but I decided I liked theater more.”

Natalie’s passion has taken her to Cornish College of the Arts, where she graduated last spring and majored in performance production with a concentration in costume design. She’s one of three interns tasked with designing outfits for the 2017 Glitter Gala & Fashion Show held on Saturday, November 4, at Hangar 30 in Magnusson Park.

A year ago Natalie participated in Goodwill’s Design Challenge, and now she’s taking on a much larger role designing outfits to fit this year’s Gala theme: Universe of Potential. While Natalie has developed a wealth of experience designing costumes for theater production, this will be her first fashion show.

“I hope people will enjoy it,” she said. “I think it will be very much like putting on a theater production where a bunch of people come together and finally see it for the first time. I want it to be cohesive within sections, and I want it to really show people you can do a lot with second-hand clothes.”

Within the fashion show team’s concept of basing looks of solar system elements, Natalie has been tasked with representing the sun and earth.

Natalie wants to create a luxurious, beach-resort feel for the sun, and for earth she plans to play with a lot of different textures, patterns and tribal prints. She wants to go from the sky, to greenery, to the desert and the bottom of the ocean.

Working for Goodwill has offered Natalie a unique inside look at one of the go-to places she searches to find textiles for her costume design work.  She most frequently visits Seattle Goodwill’s Capitol Hill location, but she’s been getting use to pulling product from the massive sales floor at Goodwill’s flagship store.

“I hope in 5-to-10 years I’m managing a costume shop, hopefully with Pacific Northwest Ballet,” said Natalie when asked her future goals. “This is one of the many learning opportunities I have taken in the early part of my career so I can expose myself to a lot of different kinds of people, make connections and really see what Goodwill is like from the inside.”

2017 Glitter Gala & Fashion Show

When: 6-11 pm Saturday, November 4

Where: Hangar 30 at Magnusson Park

Register: Click here

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