Glitter Gala Fashion Show to feature new, Upcycle Design

September 26, 2018

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In previous years, the Glitter Gala’s Design Challenge has served as an appetizer of sorts to the Fashion Show itself. A number of local designers had a limited timeframe to select items from Goodwill’s Seattle Outlet retail store. Their task was to craft a look that best matched the Gala’s theme. A winner was selected the night of the Gala.

This year we’re introducing Upcycle Design at the Gala.

Five amazing local designers have been selected to create upcycled looks. Instead of a restricted timeframe, our designers had as long as they wanted to peruse the clothing bins at the Seattle Outlet. The designers were each giving a segment of this year’s Fashion Show them — Runway to the Future — to design to. Their final look will grace the runway first at the beginning of each segment come Saturday, October 20, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center.

Take a minute and learn about each designer below.


Segment: Glamor in the city

Jordan has been designing for years and years, but has been working in the industry full-time the last eight. He said the upcycle challenge is “really in my wheelhouse.” Many of his clients are performers such as wrestlers and drag queens, and he loves designing unconventionally.

“Some people say that I am a costumer, but really I just create wearable art. What I’ve heard said about my work is that is very thoughtfully designed and pretty-well tailored and just sometimes way out of the box.” - Jordan

Instagram: @jonquilandblack


Segment: Into the future

Runway to the Future seems to be the perfect match for Chelsea’s design aesthetic. She specializes in fashion technology design, and regularly puts on fashion shows highlighting her wearable technology pieces.

“My slogan is the future looks fabulous, so I thought it was the perfect fit to do the Runway to the Future. I’m hoping to make something that is really interesting and inspiring for other designers. I haven’t done a lot of upcycling, so it will be cool to try out.” - Chelsea

Web: http://www.lumencouture.com/


Segment: Devil is in the details

Pat and her daughter Rachel have been design partners for several years. They share a unique love to create. Pat, who designs dazzling cosplay costumes for her daughter and had a mask recently featured in National Geographic, is excited for Upcycle Design and will again create the piece Rachel models the night of the Gala.

“I’m very excited. I’ve learned a lot about what really looks good on the runway. I don’t like to copy and make stuff exactly like everybody else does. Me and my daughter are partners in creation, and I love creating looks for her.” – Pat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UtterlyOtter/


Segment: Street style

Last year Kayla’s Design Challenge design won audience choice at the Gala, so naturally she’s excited for Upcycle Design this year. She graduated in 2016 from Seattle Central Community College and since has worked at Union Bay and Nordstrom before landing her current job at Zumiez. She’s excited to branch out beyond the brand style she designs for at work and create something completely unique.

“I like everything I design to be functional. I’m definitely a casual person myself, but when I design, I do like to do things on top of trend, because they are more fun. With this one, I’m definitely going to try more trendy looks I’ve been seeing online.” - Kayla


Segment: Retro futurism

Mark has a lifetime of design experience and is the Creative Director of this year’s Glitter Gala Fashion Show. He got his start years ago costume designing for multiple touring operas and now works as an instructor at Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts.

“I’ve always loved clothes. Clothes have a certain language to me. Their fit, their style and everything that can be done to fit every body type. Anybody can look really good. You just have to put in some effort.” - Mark

Make sure to revisit the blog early November to see the designer’s finished runway upcycled looks!

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