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November 15, 2018

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Our generous donors drop off thousands of donations each day at our 41 donation station sites. These donations allow us to provide free Job Training and Education Programs to those facing barriers to better economic opportunity. With all those donations, you can only imagine the unique treasure we’re constantly discovering.

Take a minute and check out some of the most recent top selling items from Seattle Goodwill’s online stores, which include eBay, shopgoodwill.com and Amazon.

ARP 2600 vintage analog synthesizer

Sold price: $5,305

The ARP 2600 is a semi-modular analog subtractive audio synthesizer and was ideal for musicians and new to synthesis. Alan R. Pearlman (ARP) provided synthesizers to well-known musicians such as Edgar Winter, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. The ARP 2600 was manufactured 1971-81.

14K yellow gold 2.10 carat diamond pendant necklace

Sold price: $3,598

The 14K gold 26.5 inch necklace with a 2.10 carat diamond pendant was appraised for $8,500.

Antique carved wooden Chinese-lidded bowl full of random Chinese items

Sold price: $1,817.00

The beautiful wooden bowl, 7 inches in diameter, came with a lid and “random Chinese items.” The collection included thimbles, a pocket knife, some smaller containers and assorted miscellaneous items.

Betty Boop perpetual calendar by Danbury Mint

Sold price: $1,032.99

Part of the Danbury Mint’s extensive Betty Boop collection, this 2008 piece features Ms. Boop talking on the telephone, enrapt in the conversation and wrapped in the telephone cord. Her dog Bimbo listens in from the back.

Vintage 1986 Vision Mark Gonzales skateboard

Sold price: $647.77

The pro model skateboard is used, but in great condition. It has Tracker trucks and OH II Street Wheels, 92s 60mm, rails and copers.


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