12 Days of Holiday Blogs: Cookie Cutter Wreath

December 15, 2019

Posted in: Holidays

Making a wreath out of cookie cutters is a fun and simple holiday family DIY craft — a perfect project for you and your kids on a cold, rainy winter day.

It’s quick and easy, too!

Cutters can be attached to each other with adhesive putty and paperclips for a temporary decoration or can be permanently glued together to make a perfect gift. Garnishing with ribbons, greenery, holly branches and berries or other seasonal decorations finishes the project.

Don’t have all the cookie cutters you need for your wreath? Seattle Goodwill is a great source for these supplies. Between Goodwill’s bakeware and season aisles, you’re sure to find everything you need at an affordable price. As an added bonus, your purchase supports Goodwill’s free Job Training and Education programs.

Here’s some quick, step-by-step instruction how to make your cookie cutter wreath:

  1. Position the cutters so that the cutting edge is facing up. Arrange the cookie cutters in a circle, mixing large and small cutters. Readjust until you find the desired layout. 
  2. For a temporary decoration, secure the cookie cutters together with a pinch of adhesive putty, and reinforce the connection with a paper clip. 
  3. For a permanent product, use a glue gun as the adhesive, and reinforce the connection with 24 gage copper or aluminum wire. Flip the wreath over.
  4. Decorating the wreath is the last step. Ribbons, garland, mistletoe or holly berries are just a few of the possible trimming options. Hang the wreath and enjoy!

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