Halloween costume tips with Sarah Ward

October 31, 2019

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It's Halloween and if you still need a costume, check out some tips from stylist Sarah Ward.

What is a good Halloween costume?

I've always felt that a unique, personally curated costume is the way to go. In a day of store bought costumes that anyone can access, when you can assemble all the elements of the costume yourself. It shows your creativity -- plus, it's a great conversation starter!

What are some tips you have for shopping thrift for Halloween?

I recommend having several costumes in mind and then see what rises to the surface when thrifting. Since you are at the mercy of what is in the stores, being flexible and having a few different things you can explore will take the stress off finding one exact thing. You never know what you're going to find, so go with the flow and be prepared to pivot if you find something perfect for a different costume!

Bonus: find out when your thrift shop receives new arrivals and then go that day to find fresh material to work with!

Do you see any trends this year for Halloween?

Recently I've been noticing really fun and quirky inanimate costumes, like a slice of pizza, a ball of yarn, or a cup of boba tea. It is so fun to see what people pull together!

How can accessories and wigs make your costumes more unique?

A wig can completely make a costume! For example, Cruela De Vil and Bride of Frankenstein are iconic costumes and just wouldn't be the same without a wig!

As I tell my styling clients, you're never fully dressed without accessories. Can you imagine an Iris Apfel costume without at least two dozen necklaces, bangles and rings? No accessories? Forget it!

Do you have any suggestion for couple’s costumes? Or kids costumes?

I recommend pop culture costumes since they're crowd pleasing and can be easy to pull together.

As far as kids costumes go, let the kiddos lead the way! They often know what they want already.

For couples costumes, I love the idea of:

Mary Poppins and Bert, the chimney sweep
Bob Ross and a happy little tree
90s video game characters, like Mario and Princess Peach or Streetfighter's Ryu and Chun Li

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