DIY Halloween Décor: Jarring Ghosts

October 1, 2020

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You may not have a "Ghostbusters" quality containment unit but you can capture some little ghosts of your own with jars from Goodwill!

Supplies you will need:

  • Dry twigs and Spanish Moss or Lichen - Craft store or find outside
  • Canning jars of various sizes - Goodwill
  • Hot glue gun, not pictured - Craft store
  • Styrofoam balls: less than .9” - Craft store
  • Flit Styrofoam piece: 1/2” thick - Craft store
  • Black Sharpie marker - Drug store
  • First-aid gauze - Drug store
  • Pocket knife or Exacto knife - Craft store


1. Using the lid from your canning jar, trace a circle onto your Styrofoam. Carefully cut out the traced circle using an Exacto-knife or pocket knife.

2. Glue your Styrofoam circle to the inside of the jar's lid to create a base.





3. Add some twigs to your base and place some dry Spanish Moss or Lichen on the bottom to cover the Styrofoam.







4. Cover one of your Styrofoam balls with a piece of gauze. Add eyes to your ghost by holding the point of your Sharpie onto the gauze and letting the ink bleed into it.

5. Place your ghost on/between the twigs. Gently lower the jar over your arrangement and screw on the lid. Make jars of varying sizes and pair with pumpkins for a display!

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