DIY Halloween Décor: Pumpkin Toilet Paper Rolls

October 15, 2020

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Cinderella’s carriage isn’t the only thing that can turn into a pumpkin. Your toilet paper rolls can too. Here’s a fun and easy way to turn your toilet paper rolls into beautiful fall décor for your home. Find a wide variety of fabrics, from clothes to linens, at Goodwill for this project. We also carry lots of baskets that can be used to finish off this look.

The great part about this project is that the décor is low-cost and eco-friendly. Plus, by shopping at Goodwill you are supporting a true nonprofit that helps people overcome poverty through work.

Supplies you will need:

  • Basket (medium size) - Goodwill
  • Assorted fabrics from clothes or linens – Goodwill
  • String – Craft store
  • Ribbon – Craft store
  • Toilet paper (3 rolls or more) – At home or at the grocery store
  • Sticks/ tree trimming - Outdoors
  • Scissors – At home or craft store


  • Fall color placemat – Goodwill
  • Assorted fabrics –To spice up your pumpkins for this project, try using knits, corduroy, or velvet fabrics which will give it a great range of texture to enhance the look.


  1. First, prepare your supplies; remove tags, pre-existing ribbons, and begin trimming fabrics. For this project, we used clothes purchased at Goodwill. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of fabric so that it can go around the toilet paper roll to create your pumpkins. Avoid having too much fabric as it won’t fit in the roll.  We found using a 1 x 2-foot section of fabric was enough to go around a full roll of toilet paper and allow for some “ribs.” When using clothes, cut along the seams and avoid using sections with pockets or zippers.

  2. Begin to wrap your toilet paper. Lay your fabric out vertically on a flat surface, place your toilet paper roll down horizontally at the end closest to you, and roll the toilet paper roll forward with the fabric wrapping around it. While wrapping, tuck the access fabric into the roll to create the rounded pumpkin edge. This will take patience and practice, but well worth it after you see your pumpkin creation.

    Tip: If you want to give your pumpkin “ribs”, use knit fabric, and create pleats while rolling the toilet paper roll out. Once tucked in, you can adjust the pleats so they align where you want.
  1. Cut your stick or tree trimming to 3 inches and push into the center roll to hold the fabric in the toilet paper roll. If you want to elevate the look, wrap fall colored string or glitter string around the stick for a chic look. Now repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining toilet paper rolls to create the rest of your pumpkins.

  2. Use ribbon to tie a pretty bow to the basket. Roughly use about 2 feet of ribbon to make a large bow with long tails. Bows are a great way to make a simple basket a festive element. You can place the bow at the top as we did or on the sides.


Tip: To tie the perfect bow, use the bunny ear method. It will take practice, but you will get it! https://www.wikihow.life/Tie-a-Bow

  1. Finally, place your pumpkins in the basket. If the basket is too deep, use tissue paper or scrap fabric to help boost your pumpkins up. You’ll want to have at least half of the pumpkin in view.


Now find a great place to display your new fall décor! We found at the foot of our fireplace mantle worked great. We added a fall colored placemat below to finish this look. You could also add this to your bathroom as a fall display for your extra rolls of toilet paper.








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