Celebrating 360° of Sustainability

April 8, 2022

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360° of Sustainability is what Evergreen Goodwill is all about. From reducing waste in landfills to breaking down barriers to economic opportunity through quality employment training and basic education, we’re committed to making true impacts across Northwest Washington.

When you donate, shop, or give a gift to Goodwill, you are giving someone in the community the gift of a better future. Your support funds our Job Training and Education Programs for people in need, along with food assistance, clothing, transportation, and more – all free of charge. By supporting Goodwill, you can help people overcome barriers and create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Our classes and workshops help change the lives of thousands of our students each year by supporting their educational goals, providing opportunities to learn new skills, helping them achieve financial security and so much more.

 When you choose to support Evergreen Goodwill, you’re choosing to be a part of our 360° of Sustainability efforts by not only reducing waste but also investing in the educational and employment goals of neighbors in your community.

Thank you for being a huge part of our 360° of Sustainability! This month, in celebration of Earth Day, we’ll be highlighting many of the ways Evergreen Goodwill is committed to sustainability. But here at Goodwill, it’s not just a day or month, it’s something we do all year long. Be sure to check out our blog for much more content in the weeks to come.  

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