Goodwill Sustainability: how we keep millions of pounds of materials out of landfills

April 14, 2022

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It’s well known that environmentally friendly and sustainable practices have deep roots within many communities throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Evergreen Goodwill is always looking to do its part in upholding that notable reputation.

By donating to Evergreen Goodwill, you’ll not only feel great knowing that you’re playing a role in reducing waste and fighting climate change, but you’re also helping support our 360° of sustainability efforts by giving back to your community. Proceeds from your donations help fund our FREE Job Training and Education programs, which break down significant barriers to education and employment for thousands of people each year in the communities we serve in Northwest Washington.

Each day, thousands of people across the region choose to donate common household goods in an effort to give new life and purpose to a variety of treasures. From vehicles to lawn equipment, clothing, antiques and much more, Goodwill accepts a wide range of items.

Through the support of generous donors and shoppers who choose to go treasure hunting at Goodwill, we were able to save more than 76 million pounds of materials from local landfills just last year alone. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of about 3,100 school buses!

Across the Evergreen Goodwill organization, we put careful consideration into ensuring that items donated to us end up in the hands of another member of the community. For example, our retail color tag system is a way for us to keep the store organized, and our Color Tag Sales give us not only the ability to continually cycle treasures through the store but also give people in the community the ability to purchase times at a lower cost. Every purchase made in our nonprofit thrift stores, outlets stores, and online, all helps keep waste out of landfills and helps break down barriers to economic opportunities through employment training.

For more information on our programs and workshops, click here. Be sure to check out our blog for much more sustainability content leading up to Earth Day, including many other ways we work to keep donations out of landfills.  

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