10 Decades in 10 Months of Evergreen Goodwill: 1950s

June 12, 2023

Posted in: Vintage and Community

Throughout the 1950s, Evergreen Goodwill shifted the focus of its mission to serving individuals with disabilities. During this era, the organization introduced a new mascot, “Good Willy,” to help spread awareness of the organization’s services and to promote donations. Assistance services and various forms of training opportunities were available to people with disabilities through Evergreen Goodwill.

In the early 1950s, Evergreen Goodwill also launched a free meal program to help combat food insecurity. For many employees, this was the most substantial meal of the day, which often consisted of meat, potatoes, vegetables, soup and coffee.

In 1953, the organization’s flagship store location was substantially expanded into the iconic store that remains today at 1400 South Lane Street in Seattle. This store continues to be the largest Goodwill thrift store in the world.

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