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12 Days of Holiday Blogs: Repurposed Holiday Frames

December 13, 2019

Posted in: Holidays

Get crafty with this fun DIY repurposed holiday frame idea. Seattle Goodwill has all your holiday decorating and DIY needs.

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Get holiday ready at Seattle Goodwill

December 13, 2019

Posted in: Holidays

Whether you’re crafting a famous holiday recipe, want to turn a living space into a winter wonderland or desire to put a little DIY in your holiday season, Seattle Goodwill is your go-to spot.

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$100 Glitter Sale Outfit Challenge with ThisJustynThrifting

November 7, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Sales & Events, Community, and Shop

We were so excited to bring Justyn Jacobs with ThisJustynThrifting into our Glitter Sale shop for a preview. We challenged her to put together a whole outfit for less than $100 dollars with items from the Glitter Sale.

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The Farewell Glitter Sale 2019 Tip and what you need to know

November 6, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Sales & Events, and Shop

The Glitter Sale is almost here! So get ready to shop for cocktail and evening dresses, designer pieces along with amazing accessories and unique vintage items this weekend November 9-10.There is also a selection of formal wear and designer clothes for men. Here is what you need to know before the doors open at 9:00 am!

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2019 Farewell Glitter Sale preview shoes

November 5, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Sales & Events, and Shop

Shoes are special. They can elevate an otherwise standard outfit and they are often masterpieces in creativity and craftsmanship. At this year’s Glitter Sale you can find flats that are stylish and comfortable, a stiletto to enhance any outfit, kitten heels for the day to night transition or the perfect boot to flatter your legs.  Keep scrolling to check out some of the Glitter Sale shoes available at the sale!

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Glitter Gala Fashion Show theme preview

November 1, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Gala, Fashion, and Sales & Events

In the photo series below, we hope you get a taste of the Goodwill fashions that will glide down the runway at the Glitter Gala & Fashion Show on November 2nd.  The images were taken behind-the-scenes, in the corridors of the Seattle Goodwill store. 

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Halloween costume tips with Sarah Ward

October 31, 2019

Posted in: DIY Projects, Halloween, and Shop

It's Halloween and if you still need a costume, check out some tips from stylist Sarah Ward.

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The Farewell Glitter Sale item preview!

October 29, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale and Sales & Events

There will be designer, vintage, and unique one-of-a-kind items of clothing and accessories for sale. Designer pieces include names such as Burberry, Prada, DVF, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors and more. 

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DIY Halloween costume tips Q+A

October 28, 2019

Posted in: Sales & Events, DIY Projects, Halloween, and Shop

Use your imagination while browsing rows of clothing and accessories to create a unique look for Halloween. The stores also stock face make-up, hats and other accessories to put the finishing touches on your creation.  We talked to Erica Fairchild, a freelance wardrobe and props stylist based in Seattle for some tips.

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Meeting the 2019 Glitter Gala Upcycle Designers Part II

October 25, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Gala, Sustainability, Fashion, and DIY Projects


The community will come together on November 2nd to celebrate the resilient women of Seattle Goodwill and raise funds for free Job Training and Educations Programs at this year’s Glitter Gala.  This year’s fashion show will feature garments from Goodwill stores and four local designers’ construction of an upcycled look with materials found at the Seattle Outlet store.  We talked to two of the designers to learn more.

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