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Meeting the 2019 Glitter Gala Upcycle Designers Part I

October 8, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Gala, Sustainability, Fashion, and Volunteering

This year’s fashion show will feature garments from Goodwill stores and four local designers putting together an upcycled look with materials found at the Seattle Outlet Store. We talked to two of the designers to learn more.

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2019 Halloween at Seattle Goodwill

October 1, 2019

Posted in: Halloween and Shop

We have nearly everything you need to take your Halloween costume and décor to the next level. Our stores are an excellent place to find all of the pieces you need to create your Halloween look

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2019 Glitter Gala Resilient Women

September 27, 2019

Posted in: Student Stories, Job Training & Education, and Glitter Gala

Join us for an elegant evening on November 2, as we raise funds for resilient women.

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The Farewell Glitter Sale 2019

September 25, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Job Training & Education, Sales & Events, and Shop

On November 9th and 10th we will hold our final, fabulous Glitter Sale at the Seattle Goodwill store! Don't miss out!

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2019 Glitter Season and Halloween this Fall at Seattle Goodwill

September 20, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Glitter Gala, Volunteering, and Halloween

There is a lot going on at Seattle Goodwill this fall! These are some of the fun events and sales to mark on your calendar.

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Thrifting Q+A with Seattle Gent's Antonio Smith

August 16, 2019

Posted in: Community and Shop

Antonio Smith is part of Seattle Gents, an emerging group of menswear enthusiasts who have a passion for fashion, events and Seattle lifestyle.

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Thrifting Q+A with Stylist Whitney Hahn of Style Skimm

August 13, 2019

Posted in: Fashion and Shop

Stylist Whitney Hahn of Style Skimm loves shopping at Goodwill and works with a lot of her clients to create outfits from thrift store finds. She recently answered some questions and offered tips for shopping at Goodwill.

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Back to School with Seattle Goodwill

August 7, 2019

Posted in: Back To School and Shop

Back to school can get costly especially if you are headed to college. Save money and organize your work space by getting back-to-school items at Seattle Goodwill! 

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Catch up with Goodwill's #GoodwillFaces series

July 18, 2019

Posted in: Job Training & Education

Read inspirational stories about Arthur, Karen, Sukhi and Amelia in the latest round up of our #GoodwillFaces series

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Q+A with expert thrifter Alysse Bryson

July 9, 2019

Posted in: Community and Shop

Alysse Bryson, Director of Market Development for King 5, has been a passionate thrifter for many years and has even camped out the night before for the annual Goodwill Glitter Sale. She shares some of her favorite tips for shopping Goodwill.

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