Seattle Goodwill Thank-a-Thon

February 18, 2020

Posted in: Volunteering

Thank-a-thon Is a special evening where Goodwill Board, senior leadership, Goodwill Ambassadors, and Job Training and Education staff call donors and volunteers to thank them for their generous commitment to our work.  

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Meeting the 2019 Glitter Gala Upcycle Designers Part I

October 8, 2019

Posted in: Fashion, Sustainability, Volunteering, and Glitter Gala

This year’s fashion show will feature garments from Goodwill stores and four local designers putting together an upcycled look with materials found at the Seattle Outlet Store. We talked to two of the designers to learn more.

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2019 Glitter Season and Halloween this Fall at Seattle Goodwill

September 20, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Halloween, Volunteering, and Glitter Gala

There is a lot going on at Seattle Goodwill this fall! These are some of the fun events and sales to mark on your calendar.

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Join the Seattle Goodwill Green Team!

June 7, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering and Community

Help us keep the neighborhood clean! Join Seattle Goodwill Green Team to help cleanup the

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National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Margaret Gomez

April 8, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering

Longtime Seattle Goodwill volunteer Margaret Gomez knows volunteering at King County’s Job Training and Education (JTE) Center makes an impact.

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National Volunteer Week Video: Irene

April 7, 2019

Posted in: Volunteering, Community, and Job Training & Education

For National Volunteer Week we learned about Irene a volunteer at the Kitsap County Job Training and Education Center.

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Catch up with Goodwill's #GoodwillFaces series

October 4, 2018

Posted in: Youth Programs, Volunteering, and Job Training & Education

Catch up on Goodwill Faces with the four stories below. Tune into our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow our weekly #GoodwillFaces series!

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Day of Caring at Seattle Goodwill

September 17, 2018

Posted in: Volunteering and Community

On September 14, community volunteers from various organizations dedicated their time to causes they are passionate about.

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Glitter Season and Halloween this Fall at Seattle Goodwill

September 11, 2018

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Halloween, Fashion, Volunteering, and Glitter Gala

Glitter Gala, Halloween and Glitter Sale are three of the biggest events of the year at Seattle Goodwill and they all take place within about three weeks! Learn more about these Fall events at Seattle Goodwill. 

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National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Raniya Zaripova

April 16, 2018

Posted in: Volunteering

Raniya is one of many Seattle Goodwill volunteers who are making a tremendous impact. Raniya volunteers in Job Training and Education (JTE) classes and fully supports Goodwill's mission.

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