June 7, 2023

Posted in: Community, Fashion, Sales & Events, and Shop

Join Evergreen Goodwill for a fabulous shopping event celebrating Pride. Find your perfect Pride outfit with the help of local drag performers and a curated collection of sustainable fashion.

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10 Decades in 10 Months of Evergreen Goodwill: 1920s

March 16, 2023

Posted in: Vintage, Community, Job Training & Education, and Shop

Evergreen Goodwill is celebrating 100 years of existence throughout 2023! Over the next 10 months, we'll highlight a different decade of our organization's history and the evolution of Evergreen Goodwill's Mission and community impact, starting where it all began – at the corner of Seattle's Boren Avenue & Virginia Street in 1923. 


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Celebrating Black History Month: Leaders in Fashion

January 31, 2023

Posted in: Community and Shop

This Black History Month, we are putting the spotlight on several designers who have been trailblazers in fashion. We invite you to learn more about their captivating stories on our blog and while shopping in store.

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FOX 13: Back-to-school shopping for less in Seattle

September 16, 2022

Posted in: Thrifty Kitchen, Fashion, Shop, and Sustainability

Evergreen Goodwill's DIY Guy, Gary Foy, showcased some back-to-school/back-to-college fashion and common housewares that are perfect for any dorm room or apartment. 

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Puget Sound Business Journal: Patti Payne - From trash to treasure, and trivia talk

July 21, 2022

Posted in: Press Releases, Digital Literacy, Job Training & Education, Shop, and Donate

"With Evergreen Goodwill approaching its 100th anniversary in 2023, Campbell says, “Make no mistake, we are a nonprofit. After we consider the cost of running our extensive retail operation, we are still able to put over $11 million of that directly toward our mission to provide free job training and education, but also to continue to invest in increasing wages for our own 2,100 employees.'"

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Employee Spotlight: Aida

July 1, 2022

Posted in: Community and Shop

“This isn’t my first job in the United States, but this is the first job that I really like." – Aida

This is a special milestone for Aida, who works in customer service at our Lynnwood nonprofit thrift store. She recently celebrated her 35th anniversary with Evergreen Goodwill! Building morale, creating a sense of camaraderie and setting the example for customer service excellence are Aida's specialties. She's taking a look back on her extensive career with the organization and what has motivated her to return year after year. 

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Employee Spotlight: Sonia & Tasha

May 10, 2022

Posted in: Job Seeker Resources and Shop

“If you fall or stumble, don’t let that just drag you down.” – Sonia
“Don’t let your past define you because it doesn’t.” – Tasha

Sonia and Tasha, two employees at our Silverdale nonprofit thrift store, have found great strength within their friendship that began shortly after joining the Evergreen Goodwill team and learning how closely their life stories align. They both hope their words will inspire and encourage others who come from similar backgrounds.

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Community partners help us further our commitment to Sustainability

April 19, 2022

Posted in: Shop, Donate, and Sustainability

Rest assured that no matter what you donate to Goodwill, we will make every effort to give your treasures new life and purpose. This is our commitment to sustainability – but we can’t do it alone! Evergreen Goodwill works closely with several community organizations and government agencies to help reduce waste and keep items out of landfills. 

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Goodwill Sustainability: how we keep millions of pounds of materials out of landfills

April 14, 2022

Posted in: Shop, Donate, and Sustainability

Through the support of generous donors and shoppers who choose to go treasure hunting at Goodwill, we were able to save more than 76 million pounds of materials from local landfills just last year alone! At Evergreen Goodwill, we are all about reducing waste and playing our part in helping the environment. 

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Celebrating 360° of Sustainability

April 8, 2022

Posted in: Job Training & Education, Shop, Donate, and Sustainability

When you choose to shop at or donate to Evergreen Goodwill, you're not only helping to reduce waste and keep materials out of local landfills, but you're also giving back to the community by helping to break down barriers to education and employment. We call this 360° of Sustainability. 

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