Employee Spotlight: Joseph

January 5, 2022

Posted in: Community and Self-Advocacy

“This company has helped me get into an apartment, and then helped me learn how to be a material handler, to a material handler lead, to a material handler supervisor.” – Joseph

Working at Goodwill provides much more than just a paycheck for many of our employees, but rather a second chance at life. Combining his perseverance with Goodwill’s network of support, Joseph has built a career, secured stable housing, achieved sobriety, and reunited with his daughter.

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Tips & Resources for Undocumented Individuals

May 5, 2020

Posted in: Self-Advocacy

We realize immigrants and undocumented individuals are particularly at risk now without access to federally funded resources. Find help with immigration law or how to pay your bills, from utilities and rent, to groceries and medical care.

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Financial Help

May 4, 2020

Posted in: Self-Advocacy

We understand that money is tight right now and many need financial help more than ever. These resources can help you plan, decide what to pay and what to wait on, and give you tips and tricks on how to talk to creditors. Financial institutions have been encouraged to work with customers who have been affected by coronavirus - this may mean waiving certain late fees, delaying payments or more. The best thing is to contact your landlord, lender, or creditor as soon as possible to make arrangements.

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