Meet Goodwill Intern Alieu

December 20, 2020

Posted in: Youth Programs, Student Stories, Job Training & Education, and Community

"Because of this internship, I had a more productive summer. I turned it into a, ‘Let’s go to work and see what I can accomplish, regardless of the circumstances," Alieu says about his five-month work experience with Goodwill. 

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Digital learning innovations bring new opportunities to Goodwill students and employees

September 28, 2020

Posted in: Job Training & Education, Digital Literacy, and Community

At Seattle Goodwill, we served 6,684 students last year at our five Job Training and Education centers throughout the north Puget Sound. For us, supporting students is more than in-classroom instruction – it means offering the same type of care and compassion one would expect from a family member. Read more about how Seattle Goodwill innovated remote learning and continued supporting the community needs during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

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Pete's Return to Work

August 31, 2020

Posted in: Job Training & Education and Community

For the last eight years, Pete’s work has helped Seattle Goodwill provide free job training, education programs and support services to community members in need. His work in E-Commerce allows Goodwill to continue its critical mission of helping others improve their lives and the lives of their families.

While Pete has learned the importance of Goodwill’s programs, he’s never needed to take advantage of them himself. That changed when Pete, like so many others, became unemployed due to business closure brought on by COVID-19.

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2019 Fall/Summer Goodwill Ambassador

October 11, 2019

Posted in: Goodwill Ambassadors and Job Training & Education

Our 2019 Summer/Falll Goodwill Ambassador features Lisa whose previous job was math-intensive, and rudimentary addition had always come second nature. But as Lisa stood at the register of her favorite fabric store, struggling to count change, she faced the realization she may never regain basic numeracy skills.

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2019 Glitter Gala Resilient Women

September 27, 2019

Posted in: Student Stories, Job Training & Education, and Glitter Gala

Join us for an elegant evening on November 2, as we raise funds for resilient women.

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The Farewell Glitter Sale 2019

September 25, 2019

Posted in: Glitter Sale, Job Training & Education, Shop, and Sales & Events

On November 9th and 10th we will hold our final, fabulous Glitter Sale at the Seattle Goodwill store! Don't miss out!

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Catch up with Goodwill's #GoodwillFaces series

July 18, 2019

Posted in: Job Training & Education

Read inspirational stories about Arthur, Karen, Sukhi and Amelia in the latest round up of our #GoodwillFaces series

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Governor Jay Inslee visits Seattle Goodwill, sees Career Connected Learning in action

June 21, 2019

Posted in: Youth Programs, Job Training & Education, and Community

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee visited Seattle Goodwill's King County Job Training and Education Center to learn about youth programming and our Career Connected Learning model.


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National Volunteer Week Video: Irene

April 7, 2019

Posted in: Job Training & Education, Volunteering, and Community

For National Volunteer Week we learned about Irene a volunteer at the Kitsap County Job Training and Education Center.

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Catch up with Goodwill's #GoodwillFaces series

February 28, 2019

Posted in: Job Training & Education

Catch up on Goodwill Faces with the four stories below. Tune into our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow our weekly #GoodwillFaces series!

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