10 Decades in 10 Months of Evergreen Goodwill: 1940s

May 8, 2023

Posted in: Vintage and Community

Evergreen Goodwill's history through the 1940s was marked by two distinct milestones that included being a great support during the wartime effort and a major fire that destroyed the organization's main warehouse and headquarters building, opening the doors to a modern beginning. 

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10 Decades in 10 Months of Evergreen Goodwill:1930s

April 13, 2023

Posted in: Vintage, Community, and Job Training & Education

An era marked by the Great Depression also represented an important opportunity for Evergreen Goodwill to provide support for those in need at its newly-developed headquarters facility.

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10 Decades in 10 Months of Evergreen Goodwill: 1920s

March 16, 2023

Posted in: Shop, Vintage, Community, and Job Training & Education

Evergreen Goodwill is celebrating 100 years of existence throughout 2023! Over the next 10 months, we'll highlight a different decade of our organization's history and the evolution of Evergreen Goodwill's Mission and community impact, starting where it all began – at the corner of Seattle's Boren Avenue & Virginia Street in 1923. 


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Celebrate Earth Month with Seattle Goodwill

April 7, 2017

Posted in: Vintage

At Seattle Goodwill, we deeply value sustainability. We partner with local organization and programs like Threadcycle and eCycle Washington to ensure donations we can’t sell are properly recycled. We use SmartBins and have a LEED Gold Certified Administrative Services building. Last year, thanks to generous donors and shoppers, we kept over 53 million pounds out of landfills.

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