A Message from our President & CEO

June 3, 2020
As we continue to navigate the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that has impacted our communities these past few months, there is another virus that is more dangerous, insidious and destructive. It, too, inflicts harm quietly; we don’t often see it until the damage is already done. But this virus is not new – it has plagued our society for centuries. 

Racism and injustice steals people’s dignity, hope, spirit, and sometimes – as we saw again last month – their very lives. We watched in horror as George Floyd was killed right before our eyes in Minneapolis. And we feel the rush of many strong emotions – from tremendous anger, to deep sadness, to unqualified resolve. But make no mistake - the fact that this sickening murder was seen live and in real time does not mean it is new. It has been happening to our African American brothers and sisters for longer than any of us has been alive. Charlottesville. Michael Brown. Eric Garner.  Freddie Gray. Sandra Bland. Breonna Taylor. Countless names and places that never make the news at all. 

Families separated. Asian communities targeted. Native Americans oppressed. No, none of this is new.

As we bear witness to the hatred and persecution that touches virtually all people of color in some way, it is not hard to understand why so many of our fellow citizens live in constant fear.  

Enough is Enough. This Must Change. Now.

This is a seminal moment. Each and every day, as we have for almost 100 years, we at Seattle Goodwill serve a mission whose very purpose is to eliminate barriers and assist the cause of justice for our most vulnerable citizens. Together, our entire community of customers, donors, students and employees form a tapestry of beautifully diverse people, who love and care for one another in powerful ways. We advocate for ourselves while we empower one another to do the great work that our community needs us to do.

But clearly we must do more. In addition to our daily work, we must commit to going above and beyond to advocate and influence decision makers at every level. We must do more to name - out loud - the racism and injustice that we see in front of us, every minute, every day. If we truly hope to end this scourge forever, we must do more than demand change – we must be the change.

As President & CEO of this great organization, and together with our Board of Directors and our family of employees, I pledge our most fervent commitment to take daily action to put an end to the hatred, bigotry and injustice that we see. To teach others, and to learn from them. To be relentless in pursuit of fairness, equity and justice, even when it is not easy or comfortable. 

For those members of our community who are victims of discrimination and intolerance, know that you are loved and cherished here. Know that we are your allies in the fight against discrimination and intolerance, as we are in our mission work. 

We stand for justice. We stand with you.

- Daryl Campbell
President & CEO, Seattle Goodwill Industries


























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