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Donate and Do Good

That rowing machine that’s gathering dust in your basement, the clothes your kids have outgrown, that orange rug that clashes with your new furniture? Donate them!

Not only will you feel great about cleaning out your house and recycling things you no longer want, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your donation will help put people to work.

Net proceeds from the sale of your used items help fund our free job training and education programs and services. You get more space in your home. People in our community get the training they need to secure jobs to support themselves and their families. Everyone benefits.

So, go ahead, tackle that garage with a cause in mind.

Need help getting your donations to Goodwill?

Here are several options that will make it easier to drop-off your donations. 


ReSupply is a Veteran-founded organization that helps deliver your donations to us at Evergreen Goodwill. ReSupply will accept all items and you can schedule a premium service pick-up for a fee from within the Seattle Metro area. Learn more and schedule a home pick up by visiting: https://donor.resupplyapp.com/start/charity/489 

College Hunks

College Hunks can pick up your donations and drop them off at a Goodwill store within the Seattle metro area. Donors will receive a discount off the regular price when donating items to Goodwill. Goodwill donors receive $15 off a half-truckload or less, $30 off a full truckload or more. Visit http://collegehunkshaulingjunk.com/junk-removal for more information.

Saved from the landfill


By donating to Goodwill you have helped keep 76.7 million pounds of reusable goods from being put in a landfill.

Donated per day

Did you know throughout the PNW 100,000+ items are donated per day?

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