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Volunteers in FY 2021
Hours donated
Hours valued at

Amazing people making a better world

In our last fiscal year, 598 volunteers donated their time and energy to Evergreen Goodwill. The 8,852 hours donated is valued at over $292,293.

Thank you so much for investing your time and believing in Goodwill's mission to transform lives one job at a time. We could not provide the services we do without your contributions.

Volunteers Fiscal Year 2019 - 2020 (15 or more hours of service)

Yonas Abraha

Amy Hanson

Lidia Perez

Suzanne Anderson

Wendy Harper

Quan Phan

Erik Arnold 

Karen Helmstetler

Amelia Ransom

Randall Avila

James Hough

Shea Requa

Pam Baker

Jacquelyn Howard

Beverly  Ricker

Sharenzaa Baldeh

Heather Jasper

Nikka Rose

Carla Barrick

Robert Johnson

Lee Sawyer

Christmas Benton

Janel Johnson

Kerri Schroeder 

Latonya Bradford

Libby Johnson McKee 

Elyse Sedore-Mallin

Patrick Brown

Jeffrey Jones

Charles Simmons

Mariah Brown-Pounds

Florence Katz Burstein 

Lucy Sinisalo

Vincent Burke

Dongho Kim

Broderick Smith

Irene Cardiente

Hyejin Kim

Michelle Soley

Khalil Chaudhry

Brandy Kloth

Richard Stevens

Jinpei Chen

Wayne Lau

Dianne Stiers

Eve Cohen

May Ling Lee

Loanne Stika

Elizabeth Crites

Vicki Lee

Shirley Stubben

James Crouse

Zophie Leslea

Sally Sullivan

Lina Dong

Jeanne Lewis

Wenyi Tan

Lisa Eddleman

Zhenhua Li

Muoi Tang

Katherine Elias

Sinafek Liyew

Michael Uivary

Linda Ellefson

Seyed Maulana

Purvi Vadodaria

Patricia Ewald

Scott Missall 

Daniel Vermillion

Cathie Gerlicher

Jessie Montgomery

Dolores Walker

Catherine Gibson 

Charly Moore

Susan Walker

Nidia Giron

Sweta Mullangi

Carrie Ward

Margaret Gomez

Tim Myers

Derryl Willis

Lynn Gough

Yukiko Nakamura

Scott Wilson

Susana Guevara Pantoja

Diane Nardi

George Woods

Matthew Guinasso

Linda O'Brien

David Wright

Jordyn Gustafson

Janiel Pancoast

Tanya Zambrowsky

Refugio Esther Gutierrez

Jordan Penney

Ling Zheng

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