She Is  a Force of Nature

The Glitter Gala & Fashion Show’s runway styling found purpose in presenting four segments inspired by the elements earth, water, fire and air. From denim motifs to bold patterns, the following photos & video feature daring trends that took center stage on November 2, 2019.


Four fashion designers searched through bins at Goodwill’s Seattle Outlet with a vision to construct a new garment. These Seattle-based designers used their talent, creativity and passion for sustainability to repurpose donated textiles and household goods into works of wearable art. The creations were revealed on the runway as the finale for each fashion show segment. Can you find the avant-garde looks in the images below?


Tina Witherspoon - Earth Jenn Charkow - Fire     Janelle Abott - Water Pat Dooley - Air
www.BohoRepublic.com  www.StoneCrowDesigns.com   www.JanelleAbbott.com  


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