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$100 Glitter Sale Outfit Challenge with ThisJustynThrifting

POSTED November 7, 2019 IN: Community

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We were so excited to bring Justyn Jacobs with ThisJustynThrifting into our Glitter Sale shop for a preview. We challenged her to put together a whole outfit for less than $100 dollars with items from the Glitter Sale. Justyn is thoughtful and considerate about thrifting, fashion, and self-care and even though she is relatively new to sharing her thrift life she is building a strong and inclusive community.

What were your first impressions of the Glitter Sale area?

My first impression was WOW. I have been to many Goodwills and I have never seen anything like this before. This room the moment you walk into it you know that it is special. So many stunning items everywhere you look. You know that there were so many people involved and hours spent curating this amazing room. If you could be star struck from a room it would be this room.

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What were your favorite sections in the Glitter Sale?

The hardest question to answer, but probably the shoes. I think I spent the most amount of time in the shoe section. I’m a sucker for shoes so when I walked into sections and saw Christian Louboutin’s, Prada, Gucci shoes I was hooked. Also there was something so aesthetically pleasing about the color organization of every row.

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How did you shop or put together your outfit?

On my phone I always have a list of items that I want and are a guide for me when I am shopping at thrift shops. I don’t exclusively stick to the list but it guides me to the sections and while I’m looking for my wish item I look for other things that may catch my eye. I have been looking for a green coat and orange dress and so I started in the dress section. Everything is color coordinated so it was easy to go to those sections and look. I spotted this dress and knew I had found the perfect dress. Then I moved to jackets. The minute I walked down the eye I spotted this beauty. From there it was just looking for accessories that spoke to me and finished the outfit. Always give yourself direction when thrifting or you may be overwhelmed easily, but also give yourself the freedom to explore.

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Can you describe the outfit you ended up choosing including why it works?

I am not a glittery person. It’s just not my style so I was slightly worried when I entered because I didn’t know what to expect. While it is named the “Glitter Sale” the variety and selection present at the sale is wide. There isn’t just glittery pieces. For example I got this orange button Marni dress with a New Look green pea coat. I go for more classic bright looks and I think I found the perfect outfit. Both timeless and will be in my closet for years to come and always be fashionable. I chose neutral accessories that are great pairing pieces. Because I did want to honor the glitter in Glitter Sale I went with the shoes that had the little diamonds. That’s the most glitter you’ll ever see on me.

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Based on your visit to the Glitter Sale what advice would you give other people shopping the Glitter Sale?

The glitter sale is HUGE! So I would say have a game plan. Think about things you want or should look for. Don’t be too specific, but be like I’m looking for a coat, or a homecoming dress. This will help guide you when you get there. Give yourself the freedom to explore but I would give yourself direction. This will help you stay focused and not be overwhelmed by the clothing around you. And if something catches your eye grab it. Also, wear a base layer. Leggings and a tank top. Something that you could put clothes over to try on and not have to wait for a dressing room.

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What is your personal thrift shopping philosophy?

My personal thrift shop philosophy is try on everything. Thrifting can be difficult because you may be a large in one thing and a small in another so go wide with your shopping range and try on everything. Even if you aren’t sure try it on. You would be shocked at what looks amazing on. Also, be kind to yourself because you’ll probably try on a lot of things that won’t fit remember it is the clothes and not you. Sometimes things don’t fit and that’s okay.

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