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Communication tips for a successful Donation Drive

POSTED March 5, 2019 IN: Donate


The key to donation-drive success is communication. Below are some ideas we know have worked for other schools and groups in the past to help you motivate your parent and student populations to mobilize and donate:

1. Create a simple half-sheet flyer that can be distributed at parent events (open houses, concerts, plays, sporting events, etc.). This same sheet can also be sent home with students.

2. Use social media to advertise to your community in advance. Request in your Facebook posts that parents and students share it. Donors to your event do not need to be school members. Tag #seattlegoodwill in your posts, and we may even re-post to our page here!

3. Make social posts day of the event – show one of our trucks full or half full (“We’re nearly there. Don’t forget to drop your stuff off at our school to support our event.”)

4. Use pre-existing text and email lists to rally parents and students. Do these with frequency.

5. Send a press release to the local newspaper or blog – Seattle Goodwill requests that you do not mention specific fundraising payouts (you can mention it’s a fundraiser) in press releases.

6. Parent communication is key to making the event work. Don’t rely solely on student communication.

7. Feature the fundraising event on weekly all-school communication. But remember your donors don’t need to be specifically from your group. You may engage your entire community.


Let’s raise money for [our school group’s name] by giving up stuff we really don’t need anymore!

We are partnering with Seattle Goodwill to hold a donation drive to raise money for [fill in the blank].

Clothing, jewelry, household items, electronics: you can bring almost anything to the donation drive, provided it is not hazardous waste, in need of repair, furniture or a TV weighing over 50 pounds. You can find a full list of exclusions here.

Donations to Seattle Goodwill support its free Job Training and Education programs. Last year, Seattle Goodwill provided free training to over 13,375 people, 74 percent of which were below the Federal Poverty Line. Giving to Goodwill is also good for the environment. Last year Seattle Goodwill recycled over 60 million pounds of donations that otherwise might have ended up in landfills.

So clean up your basements, organize your garages and straighten your closets. It’s time to bring your treasures to the donation drive at (location here) on (date here) from (time range here).

Questions? Contact us via email at

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