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DIY Halloween Décor: Frame of Fright!

POSTED September 17, 2020 IN: DIY Projects

Finished Frame

Add some horror to your home decor with this DIY Halloween frame.

In Store

Goodwill has lots of frames to choose from. This frame may say “Happy Holidays” now but it will soon be saying “Boo!” Its antique look and elaborate details make it perfect for our project.

Supplies you will need:

  • An old picture frame (Goodwill)
  • Black, gloss spray paint (Hardware Store)
  • Newspaper
  • Copy of a black and white vintage portrait, drawing or photo. Copy images from history or art books from Goodwill. You can also download free vintage drawings from


Spray Paint
1. Remove the backing and glass from the frame and set aside.

2. Lay down multiple layers of newspaper on a flat surface outside.

3. Carefully read the directions/precautions on the can of spray paint before using. Spray a light coating of paint over the front and sides of the frame. Wait a few minutes and repeat until frame is fully coated. Let dry for 24-hours.

Finished Frame

4. Copy or print out your image. Trim to match the size your frame.

5. Place glass, image and backing into frame.

Place your Frame of Fright on a table or mantle with other creepy items like old books, candles or Jack-o-lanterns.

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