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DIY Halloween Decor: Lighted Skeleton Wall Sconce

POSTED October 16, 2021 IN: DIY Projects


Skeletons are ever-present when it comes to Halloween decor, but if you’re looking to be a little extra by adding some flair and a touch of marvel to a display this year – look no further than your local Goodwill.

Combining some everyday items with common treasures found at our nonprofit thrift stores, Gary Foy, Evergreen Goodwill’s DIY Guy, gave a traditional skeleton new life, transforming it into a lighted wall sconce.

Watch the video above to see how it all came together.

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  • Skeleton – Goodwill
  • Assortment of 5-7 faux flowers (pick a color theme) – Goodwill
  • 2-3 black faux or real branches – Craft store or outdoors
  • Black spray paint – Hardware or craft store  
  • Thin black wire – Hardware or craft store 
  • Battery-powered white/clear lights + appropriate batteries– Hardware store or online
  • Ribbon (optional) – Goodwill
  • Phillips screwdriver – multiple sizes – Hardware store  
  • Wire cutters – Hardware store 
  • Hacksaw (optional) – Hardware store 
  • Microsoftteams Image 12


Initial steps:

1. Remove skeleton’s limbs and head using screw driver (hacksaw may be needed)
2. Spray paint bust black (2-3 coats recommended)
3. Cut off flower stems (leaving 1.5 to 2-inches of stem)
4. Open up lights, put in batteries and lay out straight

  • Microsoftteams Image 11
  • Microsoftteams Image 16 1

Now start from the top of skeleton bust and work your way down:

1. Tie off 1 medium-sized branch on neck/spine area
2. String lights up through skeleton bust and wrap around branch, spacing about 2 to 3-inches apart. Work your way down.
3. Add and attach with wire flower/flowers to outside and inside chest
4. Weave lights back and forth inside of chest, wrapping around flowers 
5. Add more flowers down at hip joint
6. Wrap lights all the way down to hip joint 
7. Weave ribbon in and out of chest down to hip joint and through hole in joint (optional)
8. Attach string light’s battery pack to back of chest with black wire
9. Hang with wall cleats or nails 

  • Microsoftteams Image 14
  • Microsoftteams Image 15

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