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DIY Halloween Décor: Spider Flower Frame

POSTED October 8, 2020 IN: DIY Projects

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From flowers to frames to creepy crawler décor; you can find everything you need to make this project at a Goodwill near you. You will make Morticia Addams proud with these dead flowers with creepy crawlers. Create your own personalized Halloween décor while saving money and supporting a good cause.

  • Supplies Scaled

Supplies you will need:

  • Shadowbox style frame – Goodwill
  • Fabric flowers – Goodwill
  • Glitter spiders – Goodwill
  • Red & black spray paint – A hardware store
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks – Craft store
  • Wire cutters – Craft store


  1. First, begin by spray painting your flowers and leaves so they look dead. A mix of red and black paint will give it the Halloween feel. Don’t be afraid to try different colors to compliment your home.Paint Flowers Scaled

Tip: Purple and orange are also great festive options.

  1. Trim the stems so that the flowers can sit flat on the frame without projecting too far out. In some cases, you may be able to pull the flowers off of the wire stems or you may need to use wire cutters.Cut Flowers Scaled
  2. Begin placing the flowers and start gluing them to the center of the frame. Have fun placing the flowers in different positions. Try positioning flowers and leaves so they come out of the frame.Glue Flowers Scaled

Tip: Don’t worry about hot glue strings forming over your flowers. This causes the illusion of spider webs being formed. You can also dust them with a bit of baby powder to give them an aged look.

  1. Glue on your glitter spiders or other Goodwill Halloween décor that will finish this masterpiece.Glue Spiders Scaled

Tip: During your shopping trip at Goodwill, be sure to check out the variety of creepy crawler décor in our Halloween section. We have lots of fun options from rats to insects to skeleton critters.

5. Finally, hang in a great location and admire your creepy crawler creation.

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