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Donation drive tips and guidelines

POSTED March 6, 2019 IN: Donate


Goodwill has some simple tips to help you maximize your donations.

Your donation drive items help others. Net proceeds from the sale of donated items fund Goodwill’s free Job Training and Education programs, which can lead to employment and fresh starts for people with barriers to economic opportunity. Goodwill provides career services that anyone can use to improve their chances of getting hired, including assistance in writing a résumé, job interview practice and access to job leads.

When donating, use these helpful tips and techniques to help bring the most value to your donations:

  • Keep pairs of shoes together. Please tie them together by the laces or rubber band them together.
  • Rubber band or tape together boxes of games or puzzles.
  • Bag up clothing and linens to separate from other items.
  • Tape remotes to electronic devices.
  • Tape a note to the electronic device indicating if it fully works.
  • Box or bag like items together, such as putting all the clothes together or all the dishes together in one container.
  • For fragile items, please wrap them in paper and put them in a box marked “fragile.”

Donation Guidelines for Donation Drives

We accept almost anything you can think of donating, from clothing and household items to small appliances and toys. Items donated in good-working condition will be thoroughly evaluated.

We also accept computers and other electronic devices. Before reselling, any existing data will be erased using certified technology tools. Items that can’t be sold will be recycled in accordance with E-Cycle Washington’s guidelines, which ensure that toxic materials stay out of our landfills.

Due to the format, we’re unable to accept some items at donation drives, such as furniture and televisions weighing over 50 pounds. Below is a list of what we can and cannot accept at donation drives.



  • Antiques & collectibles
  • Cell phones & small electronics
  • CDs, records & cassettes
  • Clothing, accessories, shoes & jewelry
  • Computers & accessories
  • Computer software (factory sealed)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Books
  • Camping equipment
  • Carpeting (new, never installed)
  • Household appliances & items
  • Lamps & light fixtures
  • Lawn equipment
  • Linens
  • Portable heaters (three-prong plug)
  • Rugs
  • Sporting goods
  • Televisions (under 50 lbs.)
  • Tools
  • Toys


  • Items recalled by CPSC
  • Animals
  • Hazardous materials
  • Fire arms or ammunition
  • Large appliances
  • Mattresses & box springs
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Televisions over 50 lbs.


Goodwill never accepts hazardous, poisonous or flammable material or items containing them, or items that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). (Please check for a current list of recalls.)

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