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How to shop our Goodwill Outlets

POSTED April 6, 2021 IN: Shop

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  • Safety measures in place at our Outlets
    We have adopted many practices and taken measures to ensure maximum safety of employees and customers in all of our stores. Here is what you can expect when shopping at our Outlets:

    • Customers are asked to follow social distancing guidelines and signs have been posted on the walls throughout stores to remind everyone to keep a safe space between themselves and others. We encourage our teams and our customers to practice personal responsibility and remind people that they should be at least six feet away.
    • Stores will allow a limited number of customers in the store at any one time to allow for physical distancing. We will limit the number of customers based on building occupancy. We will follow State requirements on limits.


    • We are creating 1-hour shopping windows for groups of limited customers to enter and shop at one time. This maximizes safety and allows for frequent, efficient rotation of bins. We have a digital countdown clock to help you keep track of time and each group of shoppers will be allowed to shop for 60 minutes and then asked to check out and exit the building. Once the floor is clear, employees will bring in new bins of goods for the next wave of shoppers. We’ll do this every hour, all day, to keep everyone safe and the treasures flowing.
    • We request that you limit your group to two customers per household per 1-hour shopping period. This will allow more shoppers access to treasures, reduce the number of people in the store and create safe social distancing.
    • Goodwill staff will be working the door to manage waves of shoppers and manage any lines that form. We have placed markers every six feet on the ground outside the door to remind customers waiting in line to keep a safe distance between people.
    • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray will be available for customers at the front of the store and we encourage shoppers to use them upon entering the Outlets.
    • All high-touch areas like doors, checkout counters, shopping cart handles, and pin pads will be frequently sanitized.
    • All customers must wear face coverings when in our stores in accordance with Washington State law. Any covering that will cover your nose and mouth is acceptable and may include cloth coverings and masks and disposable paper masks. A Goodwill team member will be at the front door greeting shoppers and checking that all customers have a face-covering prior to entering. Signage is posted at the front of the store reminding people to wear face coverings when they shop in our stores.
    • Bins have been arranged to allow for safe physical distance between shoppers.
    • Plexiglas guards have been installed at all checkout counters.
    • Floor stickers are installed at checkout lines to instruct people to keep six feet apart while waiting.
    • Social distancing signs have been posted on the walls throughout stores to remind everyone to keep a safe space between themselves and others.
    • Carts will be sanitized by employees prior to use and cleaned carts will be separated from used carts. Large shopping carts will be available, however, our blue mesh tote bags will not be available during your shopping visit for the time being.
    • All sales at the Outlets are final.
    • Items that customers take to the register but decide against buying will be sprayed with disinfectant before being restocked.
    • Customer bathrooms will be closed until further notice.


    Safety and our Goodwill team members

    • All Goodwill employees complete a health screening prior to their shift and any employee who reports symptoms will be advised to seek medical advice.
    • All team members have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and are trained on how to properly use it.
    • All team members must wear masks at work. This includes the time they spend on breaks and lunches while in Goodwill buildings. Team members are encouraged to wear masks that suit their personal preferences and comfort, and they can bring their own clean masks to work. If someone forgets their mask, we provide them one.
    • Team members who use shared equipment or handle items customers have handled are required to wear gloves while doing so. We will provide gloves for all team members and employees are trained on proper hand hygiene, including while using gloves.
    • All team members are to practice social distancing by allowing at least six feet between themselves and others, including customers. Plexiglas guards have been installed at cash registers to create a barrier when maintaining six feet is not possible.
    • We encourage our teams and everyone in our stores to practice personal responsibility and remind people that they should be at least six feet away.


    Product safety

    • We started accepting donations again on May 3, 2020, and at the time we began spraying items with disinfectant as donations came in. After disinfecting, items donated after May 3 are staged for a 3-day quarantine before they are sorted, priced, and readied for the sales floor.
    • Items that were donated prior to our closure on March 19, 2020, have been stored in boxes, or on shelves and racks for over two months during our closure and have been adequately quarantined well beyond the recommended guideline.
    • As an extra safety precaution, items that were stocked on shelves and hung on racks during our closure and adequately quarantined were also disinfected with mist foggers using environmentally friendly, CDC and EPA approved anti-viral cleaning agent.

    Published June 30, 2020 – Updated April 6, 2021

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