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Job Search Skills and Drop-In Labs

Job Search Skills

Learn and practice skills for finding work, applying, interviewing, and other skills to help you be successful on the job. Class meets two days per week and is held virtually.

Online Work Readiness

Online Job Search workshops help students learn best practices in presenting themselves online to employers. Online job search tactics, application, and communication skills are taught. There are also Online Job Search classes available for non-native English speakers.

Employment Workshops

Learn how to search for work effectively, create a resume, grow your interview skills, and more in these 2-hour workshops that are offered in-person or virtually.  Sharpen your skills and partner with an Employment Specialist to learn how to secure a job.

Employment and Reintegration Class

Find Work with a Conviction History
The Employment and Reintegration Strategies class includes exercises that help students conduct self‐assessments about their attitudes, values, skills, and abilities. Students work on creating a positive identity throughout the class. The curriculum helps students understand the theory of change and takes them through goal‐ setting exercises. Students also gain an understanding of mental and physical health practices that lead to better stress management. The second half of the class then helps students prepare for their employment to career plan, job search, and interview process. Students complete resumes and cover letters in the class and practice mock interviews.

Drop-in Labs

Each of our Job Training & Education Centers has a computer lab open at specific times for community members and Goodwill students to:

  • Search for jobs
  • Do homework
  • Practice computer skills

Some drop-in labs focus on specific high-demand topics while others are free and open time to work on any of the above tasks. Lab days and times differ depending on location, so contact one of the centers to the right to learn about the drop-in labs that they offer.

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