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Our Youth Aerospace Program helps high school seniors prepare for a career in aerospace. This two-year program provides students with a smooth transition through their senior year in high school towards college readiness. It helps build strong soft-skills and connects students with future career opportunities in the aerospace/advanced manufacturing industry.

This program is held in Marysville and at Renton Technical College.

This unique program offers:

  • Service learning, civic participation, team building, college and career readiness to prepare students for both their senior year and work.
  • Ongoing support and Saturday workshops throughout the students’ senior year to assure they are on track for high school graduation and ready for college programs in aerospace pathways.
  • Up to 4 quarters of aerospace/advanced manufacturing classes at Everett Community College or Renton Technical College as well as ongoing college and career navigation and support services.


  • The Youth Aerospace Program is a two-year commitment.
  • The program will enroll 20 high school juniors that will be selected through an interview and application process.
  • This opportunity is free to qualifying students. Participants will receive a financial stipend based upon attendance and participation.
  • Students will be expected to attend weekend workshops and activities throughout their senior year. Ongoing support is available to make sure they are on track for high school graduation and are ready for college and career exploration in the aerospace industry.
  • During the program, students will take field trips to aerospace companies such as Boeing and network with aerospace industry experts as well as local community leaders.
  • During the first summer session in 2017, students will participate in service learning, civic participation, team building, and college and career readiness to prepare students for both their senior year and work. Past experiences have included working with Marysville Parks & Recreation, the Tulalip Tribe and the Marysville Food Bank.
  • During the second summer session in 2018, students will begin aerospace/advanced manufacturing classes at Everett Community College or Renton Technical College, which includes college and career navigation. Upon completion, students will receive job placement assistance.
  • Students completing the program will receive a college aerospace/advanced manufacturing certificate from Everett Community College or Renton Technical College.

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