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Spring Cleaning Your House In Six Steps

POSTED April 4, 2020 IN: Donate


Spring Cleaning: Six Easy Steps

Social distancing keeps our community safer and it also leaves more time for spring cleaning.  Here are some smart cleaning strategies to help you clean quickly and well!

When it comes to cleaning, divide and conquer is a winning strategy. Clean living areas and bedrooms first, then kitchens and bathrooms (saving mopping for last).

Try these tips to tackle living rooms, bedrooms and more:

Step 1 – Prepare
Pre-treat carpet spots the night before with a commercial or home remedy. On cleaning day, set up some positive distractions to make the task more fun. Play a great radio station like KEXP – or listen to a podcast. Next, get two plastic bins ready, one for recycling and one for donation items. Put your cleaning supplies in a caddy for portability.

Step 2 – Declutter
“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” If that phrase represents your home, your cleaning process will be a snap. Otherwise, make de-cluttering your second step. Clear surfaces of clutter and put away items worth keeping. Are there items that can be donated or recycled? Grab a bag or box to put your donations in and make a space where they can be stored neatly out of the way until your next visit. This will keep great reusable items out of your way, and also out of the landfill!

Step 3 – Dust and clean surfaces
One tip is using a wooly duster to clear dust and cobwebs. Microfiber towels (instead of paper towels) are reusable, washable and ideal for dusting surfaces. Wipe light switch plates, doorknobs and doorjambs.

Spot-clean your walls or give them a full washing. To do that you can use dish soap and warm water and a wrung-out sponge or cleaning cloth. Start at the base of the wall and move up gradually, drying with a soft cloth as you go.

Step 3 – Vacuum
Make sure that you’ve got the right kind of vacuum for your flooring (carpet vs. hardwood floors). A vacuum with a beater bar attachment can scratch hardwood floors. Change your vacuum bag first if that’s needed. Start vacuuming at the end of the room farthest from the door, working backwards from left to right, and going over each area several times.

Step 4 – Swiffer or mop hardwoods
A quick, dry Swiffering can also be a substitute for vacuuming (but probably not if you’ve got furry pets). For deep-cleaning of hardwood floors, clean with a damp (not wet) mop and a diluted wood-cleaning product.

Step 5 – Bedroom cleaning
Besides the steps above, the following will make your bedroom feel clean and serene.

  • Change sheets.
  • Wash your mattress cover and comforter cover
  • Flip your mattress every season
  • Tidy up your nightstand and all surfaces

Step 6 – Take a break and enjoy your clean house! If you have any items to donate put them in a box to set aside for the next time you can visit Goodwill. When you donate to Goodwill you are supporting our free job training and education programs.

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