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Meet Goodwill Intern Martrez

Two years ago, Martrez was receiving the guidance and mentorship that he now delivers to other Seattle Goodwill youth students.

“Goodwill has helped me tremendously,” said Martrez, who was a student in Goodwill’s Youth Year-Round Program before interning with Goodwill last summer. “The staff really cares about us. It’s not just a job for them. They’ve kind of shaped me into the person I am today. If I didn’t have Goodwill, I don’t where I’d be, honestly. I’m glad I’m here.”

Martrez graduated from Seattle’s Cleveland High School in 2019. Before he connected with Goodwill, Martrez compared himself to his peers who lacked interest in school and weren’t on the right track. After building relationships and receiving guidance from Goodwill’s Youth Year-Round Program Job Training & Education (JTE) staff, Martrez’s mindset shifted.

Like many recent graduates, Martez has several interests — one of which stemmed from his experience interning with Seattle Goodwill’s JTE staff last summer. Martrez worked closely with Youth Maritime Program participants, guiding the high school students while also completing administrative work. The role let Martez further explore his love for teaching and mentorship in a professional setting.

“I learned how you present yourself, because I was assistant staff,” Martez said. “The youth look up to me. I’m young, but knowing they look up to me is kind of different, because at one point I was the person looking up to staff. Now I got someone looking up to me and I have to act a certain way.”

Martrez is thankful for his internship and the skills he developed. He said the JTE staff still supports him and is molding him for a potential permanent role. He’s also working to get into a carpentry apprenticeship program and hopes to one day apply his passion for teaching as a football coach.

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