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Meet Goodwill Youth Student MaiQueen

MaiQueen’s first summer with Seattle Goodwill has been an immersion in career exploration, professional development, community service, and so much more. A senior at Seattle’s Garfield High School, she stayed busy last summer developing job skills in Goodwill’s Youth Maritime Program.

“My experience in the Youth Maritime Program has been great. It has opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there. We had different activities that kind of strengthened our presentation and team-player skills and our ability to articulate ourselves and work with others,” said MaiQueen.

The Youth Maritime Program, like Goodwill’s Youth Aerospace Program, lasts two years from students’ senior year in high school to their first year after graduation. The program connects youth with maritime career opportunities, helps them build important people-skills, and implements a service-learning model.

MaiQueen participated in many new experiences and took part in various workshops, learned about the role of the maritime industry in our society, engaged in learning activities, supported park restoration community service projects, and completed a summer capstone project.

“It strengthened my ability to socialize with people, because I’m kind of introverted,” MaiQueen said. “We did a bunch of presentations during the summer, and it just strengthened my ability to confidently speak in front of people and be confident about what I’m talking about.”

MaiQueen isn’t sure she’ll pursue a career in maritime, but she’s gained plenty of transferrable skills for the career path she chooses. MaiQueen has started applying to colleges, and she plans to study psychology and minor in business.

“I have a strong support system with my family,” MaiQueen said, “but to have it outside the family and to know that there are people that are really rooting for you and applauding you on everything you do, it’s very beneficial. I’ve built some very strong bonds within Goodwill. It’s great. I’m so thankful.”

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