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Student Story: Matt

Matt Student Story

In less than a year – and with perseverance and some assistance from his Goodwill instructor – Matt worked hard to make drastic changes in the future of his career.

His primary goal – “to get a better job,” Matt said.

Spending years working his way up the ranks in his previous role at a manufacturing facility, Matt was maxed out on the amount of advancement he would be able to make in that particular position.

Matt had aspirations for his own life and career, including one day becoming a licensed residential journeyman electrician. With a family at home, finding a new job would both be able to fulfill his employment dreams, as well as assist him in providing for his girlfriend and his daughter.

A family friend told him about Evergreen Goodwill’s Job Training and Education (JTE) GED/High School Completion classes, and that’s when he decided to visit his local JTE Center in Skagit County to learn more.

He was introduced to his instructor, Drew, who would go on to become a pivotal influence on his education and career advancement.

“[Drew] wants to see you succeed,” Matt said.

Drew and Matt worked together, inside and outside of class, to ensure that Matt was prepared for his GED examination. Within roughly six months, Matt successfully received his GED, and Drew then worked some of his connections to help get Matt his next job opportunity.

“Drew made some phone calls for me and got me an interview that’s actually two blocks from my house,” said Matt. “I was offered the job that day when I had the interview.”

Matt is now nearing completion of his residential electrician apprentice program and will soon become eligible to take an exam to become a licensed journeyman electrician.

Matt says this career has opened up so many doors for him in his professional and personal life. He says he’s looking forward to one day being able to buy a home for him and his family and potentially even starting his own company once he’s comfortable in his trade.

“It’ll be a lot better,” Matt said.

Despite some bumps along the way that required Matt to shift his attention toward other responsibilities in his life, he says he’s thankful for Drew’s persistency in pushing him to make progress in his education.

“There were times that I got busy with work and home life, and he kept calling me saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to come in, let’s get this done,’” said Matt.

Matt is now encouraging anyone who hasn’t completed their education to consider receiving their GED.

“It definitely helps,” said Matt. “You give yourself a chance to actually make a career.”

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