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Thrifting Q+A with Stylist Whitney Hahn of Style Skimm

POSTED August 13, 2019 IN: Fashion

Whitney Hahn

Stylist Whitney Hahn of Style Skimm loves shopping at Goodwill and works with a lot of her clients to create outfits from thrift store finds. She recently answered some questions and offered tips for shopping at Goodwill.

Why did you start shopping thrift stores?

Originally, I think I started shopping at thrift stores when I was in college during the Halloween season. Most of my friends would get their costumes from these stores because there was generally a wider selection. However, once I was in the store, I quickly realized that thrift stores contained more than just costumes or “donated/worn out goods.” I was starting to see some really nice things that no one ever talked about; and from there, I was hooked.

What is the difference between styling for men and women?

I will say that the results for both women and men, are the same. Both groups want to feel and look their very best. They both want to be confident, and comfortable with what they are wearing.

When it comes down to the actual process of styling a man or woman, the process is different. Men generally take a little more time to relax, whereas a lot of my women clients are ready to jump into the process the second they see me. When styling men, they are most often on a mission to find the items they need, get in, try on, and get on with the day. For women, the journey is important, they want to enjoy the experience, soak it all in and take time to discover new things.

What tips would you tell someone that is a novice thrifter and wants to begin?

  •  Have an open mind
  •  Figure out what items you are lacking from your closet
  •  Choose two areas (example: pants and shoes) that you want to focus on
  •  Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap. (make sure it’s a MUST HAVE ITEM)
  •  If you find something very chic/unique that you love, don’t wait a couple of days to buy it. Experience reminds me that if it is a good find, it will be gone in a couple hours.

How would you describe Northwest style?

For the most part, when it comes to clothing, the concept of “too casual” doesn’t seem to exist here. This is Seattle, after all. I’ve seen everything from Jeans on a job interview, Birkenstocks at Benaroya Hall, and shorts at the office. I think overall, most people wear more muted colors, nothing too bright, lots of layering, and variations of black and blue colors. The majority of people I see out on the streets are either wearing boots or sneakers.

What trends do you see coming up for spring and summer?

  •  Cycling Sunglasses- Men
  •  Mixed Prints
  •  Colors- Burgundy and Olive
  •  Corduroy
  •  Stripes – Thick, bright, and bold
  •  Vintage Watches

What is your favorite Goodwill find?

I have to list two. One is my Stella McCartney white tennis shoes. The other is a BCBG hunter green long puffy coat.

Do you have a favorite Goodwill store?

They all have a little piece of my heart, but I love the Capitol Hill store, Ballard, and South Lake Union.

Anything else you would like to include for shopping?

  •  Always have patience and give yourself a lot of time to look through the store.
  •  Make a list before shopping
  •  Take cash in the maximum amount you are willing to spend.

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