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Tips to bargain shopping at Seattle Goodwill

POSTED March 13, 2019 IN: Sales & Events


There’s no telling the types of treasures you’ll find browsing the aisles of our 24 store locations. Seattle Goodwill has amazing finds online, too.

On top of finding amazing, one-of-a-kind items, Goodwill is constantly finding ways to save you money through our special sales. Besides Goodwill’s seasonal sales, our manager’s specials and rotating color-tag sales provide customers with savings 365 days out of the year.

We chatted with Brent Frerichs, Seattle Goodwill Director of Business Development and Strategy, to get the inside scoop on how to best take advantage of Goodwill’s sales.

Q: What tips do you have to turn thrifters into savvier Goodwill shoppers?

A: One of the biggest mistakes I see is that shoppers will often see something that they really want and then come back a day or even an hour later and it will be gone. One of the key rules is if you see something you want – grab it now!

Q: Is there a best day of the week to find great Goodwill bargains?

A: One of the things I love about our business model is that we are constantly re-stocking our floor. So there really isn’t a day, or even an hour, that the values are better than any other.

Q: How do Goodwill shoppers best take advantage of color tag sales?

A: First of all, if there is something you really want, don’t make the mistake of “waiting” for the color tag sale – it will probably be gone. When shopping the color tag sale, shop creatively. There are so many treasures at Goodwill, so think about how you might use an item that otherwise wouldn’t be on your shopping list.

Q: How do tag sales allow customers to make great in-store finds?

A:  Here’s the thing about Seattle Goodwill – each of our hundreds of thousands of items need to connect with just the right customer. During a color-tag sale, you may find a much-wanted item that is 30 percent off, 50 percent off or even $1.79, simply because the right customer hasn’t found it. At that point, that “right” customer is you!

Q: What type of sales are common for Goodwill’s weekly manager’s special?

A: Usually we do a percentage off of a category. For instance, at the end of winter, we will probably do a percentage off sweaters or coats. Often you will find furniture, linens or toys on manager’s specials.


All of the items in our stores are marked with a specific color tag, most based on when the item was put in the store to be sold. The color of the tag on sale rotates on a weekly basis, so check the calendar to see what colors are coming up!

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Thursday-Friday we offer 30 percent off all items tagged with that week’s color.
  • Every Saturday-Sunday we offer 50 percent off all items tagged with that week’s color.
  • Every Monday we offer $1.79 items tagged with that week’s color.


Each Tuesday the manager at each Goodwill store creates a unique sale to offer at their store. The sale can be on anything — 10 percent off electronics, 30 percent off women’s coats or even 20 percent off furniture. Be sure to check back each week. You never know what will be on sale!

All manager’s specials exclude black-, yellow- and orange-tagged items unless otherwise noted. Discount not available at outlet stores.


Each Wednesday we offer a special discount day.

  • 20 percent off entire purchase for active and retired military with valid ID.
  • 20 percent off entire purchase for anyone 62 years and older.

Click HERE for more information on Seattle Goodwill’s tag sales.

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