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Halloween costume Q+A Tips with Darcy Camden

POSTED October 16, 2019 IN: DIY Projects

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Halloween is a spooky fun time of the year and Goodwill has all the costumes, accessories and décor you need to celebrate the season. We talked to stylist Darcy Camden (Styled Seattle) for some tips on creating the perfect costume.

What is a good Halloween costume?

A good costume is one that you don’t have to explain. The goal is for people to not have to ask “What are you?”

What are some tips you have for shopping thrift for Halloween?

If I’m styling someone for Halloween, I always ask them, “Do you want your costume to be Pretty or Scary or Funny?” There are so many options, it helps to narrow it down that way.

Do you see any trends this year for Halloween?

CLOWNS! I’m sure it’s inspired by movies like It and The Joker, but I’m seeing so much creepy clown stuff this year than I have ever seen.

How can accessories and wigs make your costumes more unique?

I always add a wig if I can. It signals to everyone that you’re doing a costume. One year I was Cher from Clueless, and I wore a blonde wig (and I HAVE blonde hair!). I love that I can get good costume wigs that are brand new at Goodwill, and they are inexpensive. I almost always cut them or style them to get them exactly how I want them to be…and if I wait too long in the season and selection is limited, I have to get extra creative. Last year I had to take a long brunette wig and cut it into a mullet and spray it red for a David Bowie costume. But it turned out awesome.

Do you have any suggestion for couple’s costumes? Or kids costumes?

The best family costume we ever did was Sigfried, Roy and Montecor the white tiger when my son was 2. I was the Tiger, and the boys were Sigfried and Roy. We got everything at Seattle Goodwill. This year we’re thinking about doing Stranger Things, but in an unexpected way: my husband can be Winona Ryder, my son can be the monster and I can wear a down vest and carry a walkie talkie. It’s fun to mix up the roles and play different parts.

Any DIY tips for costumes?

In a pinch, look to your closet and try to build a costume around something you already own. A denim shirt plus jeans and red bandana can be Rosie the Riveter. A yellow shirt and a pair of overalls can be a Minion.


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