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Scary good Halloween makeup tips

POSTED October 25, 2019 IN: Halloween

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Goodwill is THE place to shop for Halloween costumes and make-up. Why? People can create great-looking costumes at prices that fit their budgets.


Goodwill stores have tons of costume options that are silly, scary, spooky or sweet along with some great Halloween makeup. We reached out to professional makeup artist Sarah M.U.A. about some of her favorite tips for Halloween makeup and costumes.



What makes good Halloween makeup?

Halloween makeup has come a long way, thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. I think anything goes these days. So many people are getting into SFX (special effects) on their own and being really creative or playing with color and glitter for a glam look.  As long as you feel confident, you can’t go wrong. For beginners, I would focus on a simple look to recreate. If you’re more experienced, try working with scar wax or adding extra elements to your work, for a more creative look. Also, adding lashes to any look really bumps it up from “basic” to “wow.” If all else fails and you think that your makeup efforts aren’t what you envisioned, just add some fake blood to any look and it will instantly be a gory success.

What are some tips you have for shopping thrift for Halloween?

Always keep an open mind when thrifting for anything, but especially for Halloween. Be resourceful and think outside the box! You can cut or hot glue just about any costume or thrifted item.  Remember, it really needs to only last a few hours. Don’t be afraid to look in different sections, such as the men’s section if you normally shop in the women’s.  At the end of the day, make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing and have fun!

Do you see any trends this year for Halloween?

I see a lot of inanimate objects, such as Hydroflasks and Netflix and Chill, using just a thrifted t-shirt with a printed logo you can add. Also, scary SFX makeup is always fun and a great costume on its own.

How can accessories and wigs make your costumes more unique?

A wig definitely finishes off any character look. Goodwill has an amazing selection of wigs and accessories to take advantage of. A wig can even BE your costume. Wear a long blonde wig backwards with some thrifted sunglasses and a hat and BAM! You’re Cousin Itt from the Adams Family!

Do you have any suggestion for couple’s costumes? Or kids costumes?

I think couple’s costumes are always pretty fun to see, so I personally would go for something humorous or punny. For kids’ costumes, remember that they most likely will need layers if you’re going outside (unless you’re just sticking to the mall). When using makeup on kids’ faces, also remember that they tend to rub their face a lot so less is more! I wouldn’t go out and buy anything fancy for small children–just a good waterproof eyeliner goes a long way in creating a memorable character for them.

Anything else you would like to add about Halloween makeup?

Just have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself, you might actually surprise yourself at your artistry!  At the end of the day, Halloween is about having fun with friends and family. Happy Halloween!

As a professional freelance makeup artist, Sarah has worked with clients including: Starbucks, Zumiez, Dell and the Seahawks. In addition to being on set, Sarah has taught bridal courses, HD and photography makeup courses at Washington’s top makeup school.

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