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Super Bowl Parties 101

POSTED January 31, 2019 IN: Community

Super Bowl Parties 101 Blog

While the disappointment that it’s not our Seahawks competing in Super Bowl 53 looms heavy in the Seattle air, we’re still planning on partying like it’s 2014. (Well, maybe not quite like 2014, but you get what we’re saying.) Whether you’re planning on attending someone’s party, or throwing your own, here are some Super Bowl Party (SBP) essentials:

This is, of course, the most critical piece. Come ready to have a good time, perhaps engage in a little tasteful smack talk, and enjoy some delicious snacks. Which team are you rooting for? The LA Rams?  New England Patriots? Team Commercials? Team Halftime Show (aka Team Levine)?

Ok, yes, it’s totally possible to not have an entertainment system and still throw a killer SBP, but there are affordable, easy ways you can take your setup to the next level. For example, have you looked through the electronics section at Goodwill? We’ve got tons of speakers, receivers, subwoofers, and more that can take your TV up a notch. Whether your style is modern and sleek, or you’re looking for that vintage wooden speaker cab look, you’ll likely find something to fit your needs.

Let’s be honest. No one wants to sit on the floor for the whole game. Upping your seating capacity can be super simple just by adding easily stored stackable or folding chairs, or even just adding a plethora of throw pillows around the room so the people who do get stuck on the floor can at least be comfortable down there.

Seattle is the land of AMAZING drinks on all accounts. From the simplicity of our outstanding tap water, to our purveyors of fine family-friendly bubbly beverages like DRY Sparkling Soda and Jones Soda Co., and from the seemingly endless microbreweries to an increasing amount of distilleries, there is an awesome, local option for you. You could even try some game-themed cocktails. Need something to serve your drinks in? (Or shake them, before they’re served?) Swing by your nearest Goodwill for additional drink ware and drink-making gear!

Oh, the food. A Super Bowl Party without the appropriate nosh is the worst. It’s time to bust out the chips, dip, guac (we shared a great recipe on our blog last year), veggie trays, and all those pinned and saved-on-Facebook-time lapse-recipe-hack-videos—and make the party spread of a lifetime. From serving platters to additional cookie sheets, Goodwill has all you need to take your p-inspiration from time lapse video to reality for your upcoming Super Bowl shindig.

Happy Super Bowl 53!

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