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Thrifty Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

POSTED February 12, 2019 IN: Shop


Coming up with fun, exciting Valentine’s Day ideas isn’t easy for everyone. Creativity showing someone how much you care about them year-after-year can be challenging. We assembled a list of thrifty Valentine’s Day ideas. Many of the items that can make these date ideas a success can be found at any one of our 24 stores! To make your life, and date-idea hunting easier, we compiled them all into one spot:

We all want to escape cabin fever in February, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better outdoor playground than the Pacific Northwest. If the weather decides to start cooperating, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with an outdoor adventure? Swing by Goodwill to find hiking gear or any number of other items to be properly outfitted for your adventure.

When it comes to jaw-dropping skyline views and Puget Sound vistas, you can’t beat the Bremerton Ferry ride. All the beauty is surprisingly budget-friendly—just $8 roundtrip to travel as a foot-passenger, and half-price for youth and seniors.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we take coffee seriously. We like to know where the bean comes from, how it’s been roasted and how best to brew it. One thing that the coffee pros do to really understand the bean is a coffee cupping — and it’s an excellent way to spend some time with a special someone, or a group, and enjoy the much-loved beverage in a new way. Afterwards, swing by your local Goodwill to find that fun or quirky coffee mug.

You don’t need to go to a theater to have a wonderful movie-watching experience. Stay in and this Valentine’s Day, cozy up with your signigicant other and put in that classic movie you found at Goodwill. You can get many of your favorite movies on our shelves, both current and throwback!

If you’ve known your date — or your group — for a while, you probably know a bit about their past and what they loved as kids. You can have a lot of fun by planning out a day (or half day, or a few hours) by finding some of those throwback memory items, and creating an activity schedule around them.


What better way to rekindle what makes your relationship special with a walk down memory lane? Goodwill has countless, fun photo frames that you and your significant other can fill with all the memories you have made.

Here in the great Pacific Northwest, there are thousands of outdoor places you can go. Even when the winter weather disagrees, many parks have wonderful gazebos and covered areas. Adding a date and food to the outdoor adventure is a no-brainer! Goodwill has a large assortment of blankets and decor to put the perfect twist on your picnic. You’re likely to find somethinig to sled with, too.

An arts and crafts project can be a great way to relive those childhood memories, while slowing down and spending time with a loved one. You could plan your project in advance or be more impromptu.

Vintage board games, comfort food and delecious desserts are a winning combination for a happy Valentine’s Day, whatever your relationship status. Think about an evening in with your sweetheart, or festivities with your friends. Not sure what to play? Hit the shelves at Goodwill for some awesome table top finds!

This thrifty Valentine’s Day idea might require a bit more planning — but is definitely worth it! Take your date on a city-wide scavenger or treasure hunt with clues that you’ve created to remind your significant other of shared memories and favorite moments between the two of you. If that sounds too ambitous, visit our flagship Goodwill location off Dearborn Street in Seattle for the ultimate treasure hunt. It’s the largest Goodwill in the nation. You’re sure to discover some treasure there.

Thrift shop this Valentine’s Day as you and your loved one choose perfect gifts for each other. Decide on an agreement amount spending maximum and take 30 minutes browsing isles to find that perfect gift. Or, before going out, put together a fun outfit for each person to wear that evening.

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